Togetherness in isolation…

Okay it isn’t as bad as I expected. We are pretty good at keeping to our own business and nobody is sitting around noisily eating pistachios. (Note to self, do NOT buy pistachios.) But there are still *those* days. The ones where I can feel negative energy emanating from the Upstairs Lair, which is a little too close to TeleCubelandia (aka the Green Couch) for comfort.

Like the day the taxes got done for the THIRD time! First by the GG, second by the accountant, and third by the GG. Why? Because there were MINOR discrepancies between the GG’s numbers and the accountant’s numbers. I’d’ve just sent the dern taxes in at that point.

Then there was the day I (er, actually my dad, dead 14 years now) received an odd piece of mail from the Secretary of State (SOS) to renew a motor bote that is apparently still in his name. I have never received this renewal before and I had no clue. A morning of futzing around at the (SOS) website ensued with the effort only abandoned when it was determined that the SOS is CLOSED for the duration. As it should be and I knew it would be. Driver’s licenses and tags that expire during these months will be ignored by the poleese until I dunno when. July maybe? I don’t think that motor bote will see water this summer anyway.

The last TWO DAYS? The Houghton Lake webcams have been down. Or it is not refreshing? I dunno. FZ is bombarding me with stuff he’s off-loading before his impending (tooooo sooooon!) retaaaarment from TeleCubelandia and my super brain can’t keep up. So. The webcam issue. Calls to his brother who has been isolating at HL. Calls to the host service. UMPTEEN BAZILLION hours of futzing around.

I believe that I caused this issue. I have been paying for web hosting at this place since something like 2006. I thought we were on an auto-payment plan and thus deleted an email message without reading it last weekend. The result of that was that the bill didn’t get paid and our service was cut off. Okay. It took me all of 30 seconds to pay the bill and we thought we were back in business. Until we weren’t.

That’s about as far as I’m gonna go with that. Like I said, it’s a waaaaaay long story and my superbrain is taaaaared.

I dunno when these flower pots got filled with soil. The last time I took the compost out they weren’t there. It wasn’t THAT many days ago and my Isolation Pardner has been INSIDE THE LANDFILL for THREE WHOLE DAYS now! And BTW, it is NOT ILLEGAL to buy plants or seeds or gardening stuff in Michigan. I’m not really sure what the exact rules are surrounding big box stores but they are there to protect workers from having to provide non-essential services to bored people. Check out your smaller businesses who are better able to pivot their services to provide safe(r), contact-free ways to deliver their wares.

2 Responses to “Togetherness in isolation…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It sounds like a mess and stressful when none of us needs any more stress. My July Alaska cruise got cancelled, no surprise. It goes out of Vancouver, Canada and that country has (smartly) closed its borders. (and they aren’t allowing any cruise ships in or out) But it’s a financial mess getting money back from the tour company, Holland America, the travel insurance(probably impossible) plus I paid my share to my friend who then paid. I didn’t worry about keeping too many records because I thought it was a done deal. Sigh.

  2. jane Says:

    Downtown Home and Garden!