Nincompoops will y’all please stay home!

Jeebus H. Mackinac Kee-reist! What the heck is wrong with all of these stoopid nincompoops? Have they lost their minds?

Yeah, let’s just drive en masse to the state capitol to protest the #ThatWomanInMichigan. C’mon, it’ll be fun. We can gridlock the streets and block ambulances and, if I get it right, hospital ER entrances but who knows what to believe any more. And while we’re at it, we’ll just get out of our vee-hickles if we want and prance around in our stupid MAGA hats, social distancing be damned according to at least some of the pics I saw posted.

People no, this virus does NOT kill everyone who gets it. Nevertheless, it is DANGEROUS. It is dangerous because we are far from understanding it, including who it kills and why it kills them. We know that it’s transmitted when people are asymptomatic. That’s how most viruses work if I have it right. I am sure the virus was in Michigan before our first case was recorded.

But okay. #ThatWomanInMichigan is prohibiting us from playing golf and gardening (in the snow!) and all kinds of other things so because we don’t have anything to do, let’s go to Lansing and gridlock the streets. It’ll be fun. (Where ya gonna P you guys?) I will not feel shadenfreude when some of you nincompoops die. I will feel sadness for you and all of the people you have infected.

I am okay with people questioning some of the guv’s restrictions if they have reasonable arguments to present. I get extremely frustrated and angry when the talk boils over into how evil our governor is and how she is trying to take over our lives and freedoms. Martial law! No! She is trying to SAVE LIVES by attempting to keep the virus from spreading! All of this in the midst of a maelstrom of conflicting pieces of information. Who and what sources do we believe?

The guv makes sense to me, unlike the Orange Baboon, who randomly spews word vomit left and right including his recent statements about how HE is the PRESIDENT and can do whatever he wants yada yada. I am no constitutional scholar and not even all that well-versed in history and government but certain grade school lessons still ring true inside my head. He sounds crazier and crazier with every reckless proclamation. I am much more terrified of the Bad Orange Man (sorry youse guyz, y’all made that label but I *own* it now🐽) than I am of #ThatWomanInMichigan. Go Gretchen.

Disclaimer: I am WELL AWARE of how privileged I am to have a job that allows me to telecommute. I am home and it does get old but my paycheck gets deposited and I do NOT get bored! May we all get through this together.

Love y’all and STAY HOME,

P.S. Wash yer damn hands. Birthday Style, NOT Man Style.

2 Responses to “Nincompoops will y’all please stay home!”

  1. Tonya Watkins Says:

    Holy cow, AMEN. I’ve been reading and seeing images from Michigan all day about this, including the idiots BLOCKING AMBULANCES. WTF? Of course we’d like things to go back to “normal,” but it will not for a while. It SHOULD NOT for a while. And I’m pretty sure these same *idiots* consider themselves “pro-life.” Right.

  2. Margaret Says:

    What a great post and I agree with you 100%! We are hearing rumblings in our GOP ranks and from Eastern Washington about opening up, and evil Jay Inslee who is ruining their lives. They just don’t get it at all, and the potential dangers from this virus spreading everywhere because we don’t have immunity to it. Are people really that ignorant that they believe the Bad Orange Man? He has reversed course, lied about the facts, and downplayed this pandemic from the beginning, when we could have (possibly) halted its spread. Don’t get me started…