Frog jam and deodorant and other pandemic online ordering misadventures

I received an Amazon delivery today (along with several others). It had a jar of frog jam and… drum roll… no fewer than EIGHT bottles of deodorant! I guess we’ll use it eventually.

EIGHT? Yes! It was my ERROR! Way back when this COVID crapola was just ramping up, I eyeballed our deodorant supply and it was pretty good but I thought I would try to order some anyway. I had switched to ordering deodorant online WELL before the pandemic. What surprised me this time was that it was almost as hard to find as toilet paper. At least the delivery dates were something like a month out. I mean, we’re all isolating so why do we need deodorant?

But I do like to use deodorant, so I ordered a pack of four. And then I FORGOT I ORDERED THOSE. You know what’s next, right? A couple weeks later, I ORDERED FOUR MORE! Yes, really. The delivery date was still waaaaay out there. Then… A few nights ago, the GG was grilling a chicken and he used up the last of his xmas frog jam. All right. I ordered THAT from Amazon. So today, ALL EIGHT deodorants and the frog jam arrived in the same package. I don’t really know why this seems so funny to me but it is cracking me up. Plus, I didn’t even know what frog jam WAS until we received some as a gift a couple years ago. And then it took me most of that two years to figger out that it was Fig Raspberry Orange Ginger jam, not just jam with a cute froooogggy on the label.

Because I don’t need either the jam or the deodorant right now, the package is in “quarantine” in a hidden spot outside. Why am I putting [some] packages in quarantine? Because I dunno what you have heard about how long COVID can live on various surfaces but I have heard – for cardboard alone – 1) 24 hours, 2) 3 days, and 3) it doesn’t matter because you aren’t going to get infected by touching a cardboard box that someone with COVID has touched. Plus a whole bunch of other “guidelines” or whatever. Who is right and who is wrong? Who knows?

So I follow my own “schizophrenic” set of “rules”. Because I DO quarantine packages until I DON’T. If I know what’s in the box and I don’t need it right away, it gets quarantined. If I need it or know it contains something perishable, I pull it inside and open it. I do wash my hands obsessively after touching anything, whether I have touched it to put it in quarantine or pulled it inside the Landfill.

I also use *one* Clorox wipe from my stash on the front door knobs every morning. A friend recently watched some YouTubes showing people going around licking door knobs in the wee hours of the morning. I know it is probably silly to worry about that kind of thing but I can’t get it out of my head. And then there is the whole grocery issue but we won’t go there today. So many rabbit holes, so little time.

Note to KW: It’s spelled deODORant, not deODERant. The key series of letters is ODOR!

2 Responses to “Frog jam and deodorant and other pandemic online ordering misadventures”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I vary between paranoid and lax. Not on the hand washing, but on the disinfecting every item that comes into the house. I think there are big risks and small ones. Right now I’m trying not to see everything as a Big Risk. It’s hard though. I go outside and walk and run without a mask; there are people around but I keep a large distance from them. I do pick up but go inside the store every two weeks or so, with a mask on. Otherwise, I’m home with my cat, mostly.

  2. Pooh Says:

    Glad to know that no amphibians were harmed in the making of FROG jam! It sounds delicious.