My company is really good at supporting us in general, aside from a Black Thursday once in a while, but it’s at-will employment and that goes with the territory. It’s why I have an empty grocery bag over at Cubelandia and nowhere near enough personal possessions to fill it up.

During the pandemic? Almost everyone world-wide is working from home with the company’s blessing. HR has created a fund for folks who are struggling financially despite being employed. They’re even trying to provide things for young students stuck at home to do. Hip hop dance lessons, etc. It’s all good.

A notice sent out today struck me a little weird though. They are asking people to take vacation time. I don’t mean furlough. I mean our regular *paid* vacation. I know why this is. It’s because they don’t want everyone to save up all of their vacation time and take it all at once at the end of the year. Assuming we are back to normal even by then, which I am skeptical about. Anyway I get five weeks and the last thing I want to do is take the last five weeks of the year off. Yuck.

But. Vacation now? Lemme see. I can’t go anywhere. The weather pretty much sucks, like it often does in April. I don’t really mind the weather. I walk every morning and my “office” is the Green Couch, which is right next to the window so I just watch whatever comes down. But… I usually *go* somewhere when I take vacation time, usually to the moomincabin, which I doubt I will get to this year. I’m not sure I have *ever* used more than a day or two of vacation time for a staycation except sometimes at xmas. Could I get psychologically motivated to get back to cleaning out the dungeon? I need to but I’m not sure. Anyway you can’t donate anything right now.

I suppose one thing I could handle if this thing drags on forever is to take a day here and there. But working and communicating with co-workers is saving my SANITY! And I only have a bit more than another week for FZ to download his brain into mine. Taking a week or whatever off to hang out at the Landfill? Not happening.

Happy birthday to FlaMan (and my grandma Margaret, long dead). I can’t help thinking about FlaMan’s last birthday. I took the afternoon off and the GG and I drove up to Grand Blanc and took him out to lunch along with two of their other sibs. He wore a magnificent cake-with-candles birthday hat and everyone treated him like a king. Today? The GG drove up to drop off some rum and coke and butter and I fergit what else, braving a morning trip to Kroger to pick up some things left off the original list. I was not a fan of that last but he wore a balaclava over his nose/mouth and *claims* he put on his North Country Trail bandanna over that. And blue gloves. Why we have a box of those I do not know but they predate the pandemic by a few years.

5 Responses to “Vacationland”

  1. Isa Says:

    It’s also a strategy to reduce liability! In some states (not Michigan) PTO is considered part of your compensation, and the business is required to pay it out to you (calculated hourly) at the end of your employment. So if they’re concerned about future layoffs, etc., it behooves them to get people to use their PTO now so there is a smaller balance due.

  2. Mouse Says:

    She’s right! (Though my employer apparently has a specific clause in the paperwork absolving them of that requirement the minute you put in notice…)

  3. Isa Says:

    @Mouse off that’s evil. They also just plain don’t have to in Michigan.

  4. Margaret Says:

    My brother has been off for a couple weeks (paid) since he has to commute a long way and can’t work from home. Luckily, he works indirectly for BG, who understands pandemics very well and also treats his employees and contractors very well. Taking vacation to go no where would be more tempting if we hadn’t already been doing that for such a seemingly endless amount of time. Sigh.

  5. jane Says:

    They beat me to it – but yes, reduce liability.