Negative vibes

It was one of THOSE days when someone spent an inordinate amount of time on the computer/phone for very little gain (and it wasn’t me). They were trying to track down a missing stimulus check (not one of ours) and if I had known that, I could’ve shortened the phone wait time considerably. Why? Because I encountered an article on the WaPo this morning reporting that people in certain situations would not receive their stimulus until April 29 or thereabouts. I did not read the whole article but just the first couple paragraphs indicated that our person was likely in one of those situations and that turned out to be true. Anyway, negative vibes emanated from the Upstairs Man Cave for the duration and he never did get anywhere on the phone.

News on the internet annoys me in general, even from the more respectable sources. So often the headline has nothing to do with the article or else it gets buried “all the way down to the bottom” (say it in a British accent if you will) somewhere. Is that what they call “burying the lede”? As you might guess by this boring blahg of blather, I know nothing whatsoever about journalism, not that I am trying in any way shape or form to be a journalist. Also I find a lot of long online stories to be very boring. I want some background info but don’t overwhelm the story with it. On the other hand, if a story is too short, I’m often left wondering what the heck happened? TV9&10 I’m looking at you. Tune in at 11 for the story? Nope. Of course, that is related to TV news and I barely watch *anything* on TV. Here we are in the middle of a pandemic and I haven’t even seen Tiger King.

I love when the GG gets outta the house (walking) while I’m working. I also worry that he’ll have some kind of social distancing mishap. Even though I know he’s careful and carries hand sanitizer and a bandanna. We have masks of sorts but not anything “official”. On the other hand, if he obtains an “official” mask, I worry that he will get into macho mode and start shopping *inside* stores, which we really don’t need to do since I have cobbled together a number of ways to obtain goods in a contact free way. What do I mean by “official” masks? I’m not even sure.

Day what? I do not know. I do know that the last time I ventured *inside* a store was Thursday March 12 when I hit up the liqwire store on the way home from my last day at Cubelandia. I arrived home to a text message from Amazon Woman saying everyone was to telecommute starting the next morning and here we are.

Breaking news is that we lost another relative to COVID. Wife of the 94-year-old uncle who died, when was that? It was 10 days ago or so. Nursing homes and similar facilities are NOT SAFE because we have no way to keep asymptomatic employees out of them without TESTING!

STAY HOME! Love y’all, KW

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  1. Margaret Says:

    So sorry about your relative, and I wish there were more testing. We knew from the beginning of this that it would be critical. WHERE is it? I keep hearing millions of tests, plenty for everyone, lots of them around–but the reality doesn’t seem to match. Not here anyway. What qualifies for the stimulus on the 29th? I still haven’t gotten mine. I intend to donate it anyway–some to the kids, and some to (I hope) our future president.