Identical twin coffee grinders for an identical twin

I didn’t think I had any gifts for the GG this year, I mean the kind you can actually open. But then a while back when I made my first online order from Argus, I accidentally ordered Roos Roast coffee BEANS, not ground. We did not have a coffee grinder. Actually for a while we didn’t even have a coffee MAKER but I relented after we renovated the Landfill Chitchen and we use a small Mr. Coffee now.

This (BEANS) was not a huge problem. We had enough ground coffee for a while and then Mouse bought us some GROUND Roos and exchanged it for our beans (she definitely has a grinder). But then I thought what the heck, we can OWN a coffee grinder (again). So, I got online and looked around and ordered this one from OXO. Except, after a loooonnnnng wait (this is NOT a complaint), when it arrived, it was TWO! Hmm… Did I accidentally double my cart? Nope. I ordered and PAID for one grinder. I’m feeling a bit guilty about this but I decided not to try to figure out how to return the extra one or pay for it. I’ve been through this kind of thing before and the company’s line is usually just keep it (i.e., we don’t wanna deal with it). The extra one will live at the moomincabin if we can ever get it up there.

So here is the GG with his haul this morning after opening a whole bunch of boxes. Two coffee grinders, three jars of fancy maraschino cherries including one SUPER fancy one dropped off no-contact style by npJane last night, a jar of FROG jam, a nice letter from his sister Liz, and, uh, a fifth of Woodford Reserve Double Oaked. That last was my “secret” errand yesterday. So all in all a pretty good haul. I mean last year I gave him the choice of drone or vacuum cleaner and he chose vacuum cleaner so go figger.

This afternoon we did our new pandemic thing where we drive the Lyme Lounge to a local state park and sit in the parking lot reading and having a bit of liquid courage. Too many unmasked people on the trails for my taste (I continue to walk early early early) but the GG took a bit of a hike while I held down the fort. I cannot tell you how many people walked by on their way to the trails saying things like, “That is so cute!” and “I want one” and other appreciative comments about our wee camping trailer. And taking pictures!

Oh yeah, and one more bday “gift”, probably his fave! On the way out of the rec area, we pulled into a primitive bote launch so he could put the window covering up on the LL. I suspect this was an excuse though. The real reason we pulled in there was because he had walked down there on his mini-hike and found this EMPTY PEANUT BUTTER JAR and had to go back and retrieve it. Whaddya want with that (I had to ask). Paint container for North Country Trail paint.

HB to the GG and the UU aka the Twinz of Terror.

3 Responses to “Identical twin coffee grinders for an identical twin”

  1. Sam Says:

    Doesn’t look totally empty. But: creamy. 😉

  2. Margaret Says:

    Happy Birthday! It sounds and looks like a terrific one! I love freshly ground coffee–the smell AND the taste.

  3. l4827 Says:

    Happy camping Birthday to GG and UU.