Signed, C19

Okay, we are getting all kinds of deliveries these days. Household cleaning items (but not Clorox wipes) and various non-perishable grocery items plus some exotic perishable grocery items. I sit in here at TeleCubelandia and watch stuff get delivered. I quarantine it or not depending on what it is.

Yesterday a *phone* was delivered to my house. Not my phone, mind you. A young friend’s phone was scheduled to be delivered and he lives in a prime porch poaching area. No one is gonna poach off my porch in any way shape or form during this period of time because I meet EVERY delivery person from behind our glass door with a big THANK YOU!

So this phone was delivered by a UPS person. Technically a signature was required. The UPS guy took one look at me and said something like, “Is it okay if I just sign this C19?” Yes yes yes it is okay. In fact it totally cracked me up. He looked younger than me but he wasn’t a spring chicken and I’m sure neither of us wanted contact. Daisy zoomed over to pick up the new phone.

I put in a Sparrow Market order this morning and picked it up curbside. And then a kinda secret order and then… I actually went to the bank drive-thru. The last time I went through a bank drive-thru was back in 2007 when I was working as an intern at Cubelandia and was getting paid with paper checks. After I got hired as a full-time employee, my paycheck was deposited directly and nowadays whenever I do get a check from something, I can deposit it via my phone.

Today I cashed a $100 check and asked for five dollar bills. I need those to leave tips for Argus Farm Stop delivery folks. I can’t tell an ATM to give me five dollar bills.

2 Responses to “Signed, C19”

  1. Mark Axe Says:

    Our ATM dispenses $20s, which is what I use for tipping delivery people these days. Hey, you can’t take it with you.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Weird world we’re living in right now, isn’t it? I’m so glad that we’re both blogging so much; we can revisit these posts and marvel at how we got used to these strange things. My bank no longer has drive through.