Oh just go to hell

Hell, Michigan, that is.

I am down to seven cranberry goat cheese logs! A couple/few of those are designated for npJane and My Dear Uncle Harry and I want my original three but whatever is left, I am okay with. Our grocery delivery rodent picked up some logs for her and her old friend Lairi the Rake and dropped off two masks (yay!) and fancy pepperoni (inside joke🐽) and an old serger she isn’t using. We dropped a couple off over at Porterland and then a former YAG dad who I’m Instagram friends with said he’d take three. So all’s well that ends well with that little pandemic shopping misadventure. Note to KW: double and triple check QUANTITIES!

Today was chores, then Lyme Lounging out at Pinckney Rec, which was jammed with people. Social distancing? How do you tell who is a family group sheltering together? I do not know. I’m pretty sure that the mountain biking folks are not family groups and they interact a bit too close for my comfort. I’ll just stay in the Lyme Lounge and read my book, la la la. If the good weather continues I think we’ll have to re-schedule our Lyme Lounge escapades to earlier in the morning. Coffee instead of Liquid Courage.

It might sound like I’m paranoid about the virus but although I don’t have a high comfort level with it, paranoia is really not the right word. I’m struggling with the staggering amount of “information” we are constantly dealing with. I know that scientists are working overtime to study and understand it but there’s still too much we don’t know. Okay, it “only” kills “old people”? Except it also kills others. Anyway, why is it okay for “old people” to die of it (like I’ve seen a few people say on facebook)? I’ll leave the Bad Orange Man and his crazy touting of “miracle cures” out of this for now.

On the good side, we arrived home to a big box of produce and other stuff from Argus and I scurried to get the pasties and ravioli (both frozen) into the freezer. Fortunately it wasn’t on the porch all that long and the sun hadn’t hit the west side of the house (where the porch is) yet. Note to KW: when you order from Argus, schedule the delivery on a week day when you are home!

One Response to “Oh just go to hell”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m not paranoid either, but I’m certainly as cautious as I can be. I’m not signing up to be a sacrifice just because I’m over 60 and have high blood pressure. Could someone let the GOP know?