Don’t look at the hair. Nothing to see there.

I mean I think I have said before I have what is now known as COVID Hair probably 95% of the time ANYWAY. Every once in a while I go to Liz’s special Detroit gal for what she won’t let me call a Mom Bob and she makes me all glamorous looking and I love her but it’s been a while and it’ll probably be a longer while until I see her again…

This mask is brought to you (me) by my grocery delivery rodent. The grocery gig (which she is good at) supports her creative side. I know that making masks isn’t anywhere near as interesting as some of her other artistic endeavors but so glad she’s making them. (Note that as an “essential worker” she isn’t making tons of them to donate or taking orders. She’s waaaay too busy working.)

It took a while for us to receive our masks, which is okay since we are not, uh, really GOING ANYWHERE. The few times the GG has ventured into public places, he has used a North Country Trail bandanna. On my 0-skunk-30 walks in the neighborhood, I can easily distance myself FAR from the few people who are out and so feel comfortable without a mask. There are even fewer people than usual because as so many folks are telecommuting or laid off (YUCK!), I don’t think most of them are up and out as early as usual.

I cracked up when I found out the REAL reason we didn’t get our masks sooner. It was because our rodent was agonizing over picking a fabric for the GG’s mask that she thought would actually encourage him to wear it. This cracked me up because it is soooo much like me it is beyond funny. She ended up with kind of a reptile green Kona cotton batik for him, which is perfect.

2 Responses to “Don’t look at the hair. Nothing to see there.”

  1. sam Says:

    Love that photo!

    My salon announced today that they will reopen by appointment only in two weeks; however, I will wait longer….

  2. Margaret Says:

    My guy (John) has no issue wearing masks because they had to at Boeing sometimes. He has some cloth masks, but also some N95s. (one of which he gave to me) The GG’s mask sounds cool–photo? I can deal with my crazy hair for a while, but I am dying (hopefully not literally) to get annuals at the nursery.