Paint Can Man

1) I loooooove ordering grocks, etc., online.

2) I am gonna go craaaaaazy trying to keep up with my orders.

Where’s my coffee? I ordered coffee last week from our own local Roos Roast. This morning my main coffee maker aka the GG was rummaging around looking for coffee. We were getting dangerously low. Did I get my coffee order? I couldn’t remember. I got online to look at the tracking and immediately fell into a total state of confusion because I had actually made two orders. One for us and the second for some young relatives in NY. I was notified when they received theirs. Where was mine? I finally figured out it was sent via the post office and kept getting hung up at various “facilities”.

This is NOT a problem (at least not a 1st world problem) and I am NOT dissing the postal service. This is a challenging time for everyone and I know the postal workers are doing the best they can. I wouldn’t want their jobs and I greatly appreciate them. They are putting their lives on the line. Yesterday we had a sub and he was all excited about the GG’s mail from the Hornet aircraft carrier association and the GG was OUTSIDE and they were BOTH UNMASKED and I was like, “I love y’all but don’t fergit to social distance, you guys!” But next time I order Roos Roast coffee, I will include it in an Argus order, which is delivered from the farm stop downtown to my door. One fewer thing for the postal service to have to deal with not to mention Roos Roast. I’m sure it’s easier for them to schlep coffee over to Argus than to mail it to someone in town.

I haven’t (yet) had any more incidents like the 18 cranberry goat cheese logs, thank you very much to those who took the excess off my hands. I have noticed that Amazon is starting to prominently label its product photos with the number of items in the pack. Like 6 or 24 (!). I was ordering tomato paste yesterday and this helped me avoid ordering a package of 24 cans. Four I can deal with. 24 not so much.

Finally, here is Paint Can Man. He spent yesterday afternoon decanting blue paint into empty plastic peanut butter jars so North Country Trail volunteers can go out and paint blazes. Painting blazes is a safe, socially distancing activity in these pandemic times because most of the trail sections in the eastern yooperland are deep in the forest where most people don’t go.

2 Responses to “Paint Can Man”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m going a bit crazy on the on-line ordering too, as we all are. The volume is probably the cause of these delivery glitches. I received my cat shirt, but Alison hasn’t gotten hers yet in Ohio, although I ordered it before mine. First world problems. 🙂

  2. l4827 Says:

    BTW, one can get Roos Roast coffee at Knight’s Restaurant on Dexter curbside, along with other grokery type items like butter, bread, milk.