Pandemic camping

A while back (how many weeks ago was it?), our governor Big Gretch/ThatWomanInMichigan extended her stay-at-home order and ordered that Michiganders could not travel to their second homes or cabins. Boy oh boy did this raise a ruckus. “Who is she to be telling us we can’t travel to those places? We pay taxes.” And worse. “She’s taking away our rights and freedoms.” Y’all have probably seen the covidiots protesting in our state capital. With their assault rifles, etc. What those have to do with the virus I do not know. I don’t think you can kill a virus with a gun. But you can’t fix stupid, as a lot of Trump supporters love to say. (For the record, I am not anti-gun.)

I’m not gonna go into all that in detail. I LIKE Big Gretch and before she issued that order, I had already made my own decision not to travel to the yooperland. I don’t think people should be traveling anywhere unless they can be safe about it and that’s pretty hard to do since we can’t SEE the virus and don’t fully understand its “rules”. I am hunkered down here on the Planet Ann Arbor and have cobbled together a nice little system for obtaining grock and other stuff via contact-free services. That would not be possible at the moomincabin, or at least not as easy, and I would probably have to venture inside stores. I am not comfortable doing that.

That said, the GG took a rocket trip to the yooperland this week and I “blessed” it. He had a drop-off to make at the North Country Trail Center in Iggy and some random stuff for the moomincabin.

So why did I bless his trip? Because he could do it with (almost) no interaction with anything or anybody. He towed the Lyme Lounge up there and parked it in the moomincabin parking lot. We’re not opening the moomincabin any time soon but the Lyme Lounge has a water supply and a mini-fridge so he was self sufficient on food and water. No bathroom but woodsP is good for providing nitrogen to plants and anything else can happen in My Dear Uncle Harry’s outhouse (yes, TMI). He has a key to the [closed] trail center in Iggy and a commuter card for the Big Mac bridge. That leaves gasoline. Paper towels and hand sanitizer and a few prayers to who/whatever you believe in.

I alerted neighbors that he would be there and wave at them from afar. Or maybe he did a Master Salute. His plan was for one or two nights but he is on his way home after one. I suspect ol’ Gitchee Gumee was not all that accommodating in terms of weather. I thought I saw a text fly by about northwest winds 🐽

I should add that the order against travel between two residences was lifted a while back so he wasn’t doing anything illegal.

2 Responses to “Pandemic camping”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It sounds like he was being very safe and I do hate that we have to be thinking this way. However, I’m no covidiot and as for the stupid that can’t be fixed, one only has to look in the White House.

  2. Jay Says:

    Good to see the old cabin. Although I notice the outhouse was not included.