Rate my room

A recent Twitter sport is “room rater” where someone with the handle @ratemyskyperoom takes screenshots of talking heads working from home and their background decor. Plants, art, odd artifacts, and bookshelves (unless they are organized by color) get points. Bare walls and self-aggrandizing crapola (diplomas, awards etc.) not so much. So we’re doing a little contest here between the GG and Froooogggy.

First we have the GG in his upstairs lair. What is his rating? I’ll give him some points for the mask and beaucoup points for the, uh, shelf in the top background. Quite the collection. He gets points deducted for general background clutter and not very good lighting and that “artifact” in the top right. So I’ll give him 6/10 points.

And HERE WE HAVE FROOOGGY! He gets 10/10! Yay! Artwork in the background and just because he’s Froooggy. With his secint hed o’ hair and his milk cap ring bracelets and his green fringe of neck hair and his big goggly eyes. He’s one of a kind! Er, sorta except there’s also Frogette.

What say yall? BTW, I give myself 0/10 because I am in front of a blank wall and the angle at which my phone is placed is such that you can only see the top half of my face. Need to work on that…

The farmers market opened back up today. Although I understand the need to keep the economy going, I did not participate for several reasons even though there was curbside pickup. 1) Ordering is a mishmash of online, email, and making phone calls. Too complicated. I did register with Lake Divide Farm but I can get their stuff from Argus anyway (they use the same system as Argus). 2) In person shopping (which I am not “brave” enough to do) involves the same kind of pathway that the grocery stores are using. THIS IS GOOD AND I UNDERSTAND IT but… 3) I wasn’t sure how well curbside would work if I ordered stuff from multiple vendors. I guess I just figgered this is the first day they are trying this and I bet there were some kinks to be worked out.

That said, I had been wanting to put an Argus order in and I made a “rule” that I would do it as soon as asparagus appeared on their product list. Today was the day (I’ve been watching!). So I’ve got a box coming on Monday. This asparagus will be wonderful but I have to say I am missing Farmer John’s lunchroom produce store at Cubelandia.

One Response to “Rate my room”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I do like the GG’s mask and think he deserves a bonus point for wearing it. 7/10. Froggy’s lair is more colorful, so 9/10. I need to go to the physical store tomorrow and I’m already dreading it. I do the pick up but whenever I order my favorite drinks on-line there is limited selection. So I order 20 of the various kinds they have, and out of all of that, I get one. So, I go in person where I have no issues finding what I need, usually. Not sure what the latest shortages are though. I’m not much of a meat eater so I don’t worry about that.