Virtual OTing…

But yaaarrrgggghhh. I am soooo taaared of hearing that I get all my opinions from listening to NPR “all day”. To set the record straight, at the beginning of all this, I didn’t listen to news on the radio at all. I almost never listen to TV news at all but that’s a whole ‘nother thing. When I was first directed to telecommute, I couldn’t bear to turn the radio on until after my 10:00 standup meeting. Jazz starts up at 10 AM and continues until 4 PM with short bits of news on the half hour. At 4:00 I would always ask the GG to put on Satty-lite radio folk music. He gdam well knows this.

After a few weeks of wondering if/when I could’ve been infected and after some of my young grocery worker relatives’ mild COVID type symptoms subsided (but who knows because no f*cking tests), my low-level background anxieties subsided a bit. I actually started to feel like eating again. There are all kinds of cartoons out there about big fat people hitting the beaches this summer after being in quarantine. I don’t actually think it’ll be safe to hit the beaches this summer but I won’t be one of those. Getting a better appetite but still having to remind myself to eat. I made lasagna tonight!!!

So I do not form my opinions about the virus based on NPR radio. More often than not I turn the radio off when the news comes on (YOU know that and YOU know who YOU are). Instead, I *read* a number of news sources and form my own opinions. I follow a lot of these sources on Twitter (in some cases backed by paid accounts), which is a decent way to aggregate news and any number of other things.

I follow Donald J. Trump on Twitter too. To those of you who think he is a reasonable president but don’t follow him on Twitter, please please please follow @realdonaldtrump and pay attention to what he says on that venue. As he says, it is his way of connecting with his “base” without the “fake news” getting in his way. I’m not sure why connecting with his “base” includes name-calling and being nasty to anyone who disagrees with him (including some of his supporters). But check out his twitter feed instead of getting your news filtered through Rush “Limbo” or whoever.

And I am still wondering why people seem to think calling me “stupid” is going to change my mind. I am not necessarily the most intelligent person who ever lived but “stupid”? Maybe y’all need to re-think that. I may not agree with your polly-tickle opinions but “stupid”? Hmmm…

Yes, I am sorta angry tonight. I do NOT like to be interrupted when I want to say something and I am tired of being disrespected and told I am stupid. To be honest, I wasn’t told I was stupid tonight but I have been in the years since the Orange Baboon was somehow elected president. Pretty sure it’s not me who’s stupid.

G’night. Sleep tight. KW

One Response to “Virtual OTing…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    The OB has obviously normalized name calling and bullying, as well as ignoring facts or even what he said/wrote because he changes his “mind” constantly. Or lies constantly, whichever way you interpret that. I’m sorry you got the Trump(er) treatment. I also follow DJT on twitter and it is frightening. What is especially dispiriting is how many people support and believe that childish, narcissistic, bullying, illogical POS. The worst thing is, as my dad always says, “he’s not too hell for smart.”