“But her emails…”

Sorry, had to begin with a sick joke there…

I am gifted a few flats of impatiens every Mooma’s Day and this year was no exception although it required a bit of creativity to get them to me without potentially passing the coronavirus around. First, my Detroit beach urchin ordered them online from a Planet Ann Arbor area nursery. When they were ready, the GG hopped into the Ninja and drove down to snag them via curbside pop-the-trunk contact-free pickup.

Yesterday was too fugly out to pot them although I enjoyed that we got some rain. Today was worse in a way. One of those spring days that never gets outta the mid-40s, windy with no sun. Not pleasant to be outside at all. We have freeze warnings (again) tonight and although I have a suspicion it won’t get quiiiite that cold, I hauled my flowers in ANYWAY.

The last time I had to do this was a few years back when I potted some impatiens on Memorial Day weekend at the moomincabin. That night it DROPPED INTO THE 20s! It was okay. I pulled my pots into the kitchen through the back door. Oh not that it was all that warm INSIDE the moomincabin that night but we closed the upstairs off and ran the gas heating stove, and it was warm enough for the flowers to survive.

It’s spring and this is the Great Lake State and if the forecast is correct, we’ll be seeing 70s in a couple days. I am ready.

Was gonna end with another wee joke but decided it wasn’t really appropriate although I find it funny in a macabre sorta way.

One Response to ““But her emails…””

  1. Margaret Says:

    You teased us with a joke that we didn’t get! I have trouble with impatiens and begonias, although I love them dearly. I think my yard is too sunny!