Soccery Blue

Okay, first we had a Blue Angel flyover this morning. The Landfill was not *quite* in the path but they flew straight down Dexter Ave., to downtown and beyond, low in the sky. Dexter is only a couple blocks away so I had a ringside seat from the Landfill backyard. When the GG found out about the flyover, he decided to walk downtown and he encountered them at the Huron-Dexter-Jackson Y-intersection, down by the party store.

I’ve encountered people in various venues online and off who have questioned or expressed disgust that our country is spending money on these flyovers, which (as I’m sure y’all know) have been staged to support essential workers, et al. I am not an expert on the military but I believe these pilots are *always* training – after all, their JOB is flying jets and we want them to have plenty of practice. Their normal training routes may not be over cities but I doubt it costs a whole lot to re-route them.

In other excitement, “our” Blue Eggs began hatching today. One baby robin hatched this afternoon and now there are two. The GG practiced human/robin social distancing by watching carefully until the parent(s) left the nest on their own before sneaking up to get a pic. And he used a selfie stick. One that I have never quite gotten the knack for. I am deferring to bird privacy by going out the back slider instead of the one right underneath the robin nest.

Other news is that I got a notification that the Plum Market is starting curbside pickup and delivery. I already have a personal shopper/delivery person there but I’m doing anything I can do to reduce her burden to supply us baggy old geezers with grocks. But we’ll see what I do because I have already cobbled together my own little curbside and delivery system from various specialty and farm markets. And what the heck, if she’s *at* work and coming over to pick stuff up here anyway (contact-free) and all I need is a couple tomatoes… Just don’t want her spending time wandering all over the place getting me all kinds of esoteric items that I “can’t live without”.

I cannot believe that every time I drive by a sizeable grocery store, the parking lot is packed. People are reporting on Next Door Neighbor that *many* customers are refusing to wear masks and sometimes being belligerent about it. I dunno what to say about the masks but at least here in this sorta upscale little city there ARE other ways to obtain grocks. (I ALSO know not everyone can pick and choose where they shop and I am WELL aware of my privilege.)

Soccery Blue? That was the name of my dad’s sunfish sailbote back when I was a new reader/speller. Of course its actual name was the Sacré Bleu. My dad did not know a lick of French except I guess for that phrase. I’m not sure where he picked it up. Maybe in the Army Air Corps where he WORKED on B29s, etc.? My little brain interpreted the spelling of that as “Soccery Blue”. Go figger.

Have a nice blue day in the best of ways. Blue skies, blue eyes, blueberries, teal blue subway tile chitchen backsplash, whatever🧡🧡🧡

2 Responses to “Soccery Blue”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I love that turquoise color egg! I am dumbfounded also at how crowded stores are; do people think they are coronavirus-free places, just because they’re open. If a parking lot is full, I drive away. I also have the privilege of shopping when I want and how I want. We had two C-17 Globemasters fly over to salute our health care workers; one of the pilots (Trace) was a friend of a colleague. Here’s what his mother had to say: they used a training line that was already scheduled. This was nothing more than an orchestrated and publicized training flight they would have normally done. It just did double duty thanking our home front line workers. In fact, they shortened their flight by an hour for ORM reasons that are hard to explain (this kind of detailed flying taxes the crew significantly). No extra funds were spent. Trace needed the flights to keep up his currencies and so did the rest of the crew members.

  2. Pooh Says:

    When the first chick hatched, did the broken egg fall (get pushed/dropped) on the ground? We saw half of a robin’s egg next to the sidewalk when we were walking in Forest Park.