Pandemic shopping back at ground zero

In the beginning there was… Rice! Waaaaay back in March we were all thinking we’d end up eating things like rice and beans. And who knows, we may still get to that point but so far we don’t seem to be. The coronavirus is not to be taken lightly but a comet has not hit the earth* so there’s that.

So a beach urchin found this huuuuge bag of rice at an Asian grocery somewhere over in Ypsi or whereever and asked if we wanted one. YES YES YES! I said that even though I had (and still have) rice and can probably still get it indefinitely.

It took me a while to open this big bag of rice. I was kinda thinking something like what happens if I open it and it spills all over hell-and-gone and I have to vacuum it all up. F*ck. I finally approached it a few days ago and guess what? IT HAS A FRICKIN’ ZIPPER!!! It is dern good rice. I do not know what I thought might be in there. Toads maybe? I’m gonna have to save that bag for posterity sorta like the old wooden Dewars scotch box that my childhood cat had kittens in behind the old wood stove at the moomincabin.

*Comet? I am re-reading the old sci-fi novel Lucifer’s Hammer by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle. It’s kinda cheesy in some ways like who is screwing who before and after “hammerfall”. I probably liked that stuff better when I read it the first time but I’m kind of surprised that I’m enjoying it as much as I am now in my re-read. I am a bit more than half way through and in that planet-wide disaster we’re just getting to the point where it’ll be hard to get food. In our COVID pandemic, we don’t seem to be anywhere near that. I hope we don’t get there.

Oh, and when Lucifer’s Hammer was written I don’t think we knew that a lot of comets looked like rubber duckies.

Edited to add: Comet “Kahoutek”? Comet *Kohoutek*! I hate misspellings. Sheesh!

One Response to “Pandemic shopping back at ground zero”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I like rice but don’t ever prepare it. I think we’ll see some meat shortages but so far my local stores are rationing, so it seems OK. Last time I was there in person there was meat (and lots of TP) on the shelves!