The ignorance and stupidity I put up with

I mean from some low-info facebook friends… They reference an article that “he” posted. [Disclaimer: y’all don’t know these people so no subtweets here.]

She commented: Get outdoors in the sun is about the best thing to ward off the covid.

He replied: stupid people will listen to government and stay indoors…until they die…

Someone else commented: Immune system going to shit that’s why!

He replied: yes…they never went out side or built up their imunities [sic]…. what did they expect…

Um, what? Okay…

1) The article shared in the first place (from MarketWatch, can’t find it now) quotes Cuomo saying that the folks they’re seeing in the hospitals in NYC now are people who have not left their homes. I think the article is incomplete. There’s a lot we don’t know about how the virus is transmitted but it’s pretty clear it doesn’t just waft inside people’s homes by itself. I wish the reporters had asked if these folks were letting others into their homes or if they were living with family members who were going out. I also have my suspicions that “staying home” for a lot of folks actually means staying home MOST OF THE TIME! “Oh I just went to the market across the street and forgot my mask”. Etc.

2) This exchange is one of the biggest displays of ignorance I’ve seen since this whole thing started. Sunshine makes you immune to a virus you have no natural immunity to? Really? I believe that being active and getting outside (and yes sunlight) can help boost a person’s immune system in general. Saying that those things can magically build immunity to COVID is uneducated uninformed dangerous thinking! Woefully so.

Happier things? Here is the GG using a selfie stick to get a pic of our robins. We have three babies and one egg. The last egg started to crack open today but then stopped. We are hoping for the best but are prepared for it to be a dud.

FINALLY!!! Bonus pic! Click and click again to embiggen and in front of the birdhouse to the left of the window, you will see none other than Mooma Chickadee. I posted the pic on Instagram yesterday and totally missed her until I emailed myself the full-size pic and opened it in Photoshop on my laptop!

2 Responses to “The ignorance and stupidity I put up with”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I love being out in the fresh air and sun (or even rain) but don’t consider it a protection. I’ve seen posts like that too, and nearly tear out my hair. The level of ignorance is staggering. I completely agree with you about how they probably ended up with Covid19. Most of us (me included) think we’re doing a better job than we actually are. Those people either went out, perhaps just a few times, or had people in. There is no other way they could have caught it since the virus doesn’t walk through the door in Princess shoes wearing a crown.

  2. Tonya Watkins Says:

    All it takes is one person to spread the virus. One person. Our rural county has been increasing in cases rather rapidly and I suspect part of it is a smallish (1300 inmates) prison. They don’t specify where the cases originate from (prison, nursing homes, broader population). My husband runs to the grocery store WAY too often, and although he’s careful (mask, sanitizer, distancing as much as possible) it concerns me and makes it impossible to justify doing a socially distant visit with my kiddo.

    I’m so very sick and tired of the Covidiots. There are SO MANY OF THEM.