Writer’s block or maybe it’s just ennui

I dunno. I take my shower. I walk. I do various chores. I log on to TeleCubelandia… … … I order things online and watch them get delivered. I remember to eat (sometimes). I turn around a few more times and it’s time to go to sleep watching Green Acres re-runs. Start it up all over again tomorrow.

We ordered carry-out food tonight for the first time since the pandemic shutdown. Those first few weeks I was nervous about take-out. We didn’t know (and still don’t) how the virus was transmitted other than close personal contact. What about the mail? What about clothing? What about the packaging surrounding take-out food? And in those early days take-out still involved (dun dun dun) going inside.

I decided I wanted to do my own cooking (and yes I was worried about grock packaging carrying the virus too). Cooking is never a problem for me except during the early days I struggled to decide what to cook. We have had plenty of food all through this, it was more a matter of what’s for tonight? I’ve been cooking enough that we can have leftovers for at least another night so as not to think about it for a couple days. But I kinda do that *anyway*.

We ordered from the Griz tonight for curb-side pickup. I fumbled the app just a bit. The pickup time option wasn’t tap-able so I clicked “Place my order” *anyway* and it said “ready in 15 minutes”. That meant something like 4:20 PM. Waaaay earlier than we wanted. It’s okay though. The Pensioner ordered short rib mac ‘n’ cheese and I got the salmon BLT. His’ll be easy to heat up and mine’ll be fine whatever temp.

I have said this before but I am soooo impressed at the restaurants and other small businesses who’ve been able to pivot their business model to serve their customers during this challenging time. Extra points to those who are also helping feed our essential workers. I don’t know which businesses will ultimately survive but my bet is on those who are creatively thinking out of the box.

We’ll be getting virtually porterized in just a bit and I sure hope it doesn’t get polly-tickle tonight because I am NOT IN THE MOOD! This IS a subtweet and the recipient knows who he is🐽

Oh yeah, there is a paper jail vapor trail in this pic (embiggen). We don’t see too many of those these days.

One Response to “Writer’s block or maybe it’s just ennui”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Ennui is a good word for it. Every day is about the same. I haven’t done as much ordering from restaurants as I would like to. I want to support them, but am not sure of the details. I also wanted to help out Ashley’s caterer by ordering a couple meals, but it is complicated and I would have to drive to south Seattle.