Oh darn

I can vaguely remember my moom and other relatives darning socks when I was a kid. I’ve always been the kind of person who finds a hole in their sock and “darns” it by saying “Oh darn” and throwing it into the trash. What the heck? I can just order more socks, right? I might even be able to subscribe to socks these days.

Except I also get holes in the right elbows of my turtlenecks. The loverly ones that I buy from Chico’s. They are a staple in my wardrobe, both biz caz (which we haven’t even had to adhere to for a few years) and as a general cold weather inner layer. Alas, at Cubelandia I tend to lean on my right elbow a lot and holes happen. Until now I have been ordering new turtlenecks and throwing the old ones out.

Okay, the big problem is that Chico’s doesn’t sell these turtlenecks at this time of year. It’s all summer clothes, a lot of which are not my fave. So for whatever reason (pandemic thinking but maybe not), I started thinking about mending the elbows. In a creative kind of way… I even looked up patches on the intertubes. Of all things, RANDOMLY (or maybe not…), a post flew by my Instagram tagged #visiblemending and WOW! I gotta check this out.

THAT got me thinking about a book I have owned forever and I was kinda thinking it might have instructions for darning things. It’s a large, thick paperback encyclopedia of needlework techniques. So I went to the bookshelf where I thought the book was and… It was NOT THERE! Where could it be? I looked in every place I could possibly think of. I googled all over hell and gone to try and find a replacement but I couldn’t remember the exact title. I even texted my grocery delivery rodent to ask if she might have it. She knew exactly what I was talking about but is overwhelmed with work and moving house. So nada on all fronts.

Eventually, I sat down on my bed and studied the bookshelf I thought this book was on one more time and… I spied a big paperback book shelved on its side. It was about the right size and YES. It was my book! We actually own two copies but both 🐭 and I think the other copy is at the moomincabin. For posterity, I ordered two more copies from eBay today. That’s kind of against my usual anti-hoarding policies but for some reason it felt like the right thing to do. I mean, you never know when a comet might hit the Earth. (Oh, don’t worry, it was not expensive.)

After all that, the original topic I was interested in researching, which was darning, is not included in the book at all.

Oh darn.

4 Responses to “Oh darn”

  1. Sam Says:

    I have done the darning. It includes a variation on weaving and on patching. Right up your alley! One key is the thread/yarn you choose. Love the semi-circular needles, too, if you want to go full professional! [Professional confessional.]

  2. Margaret Says:

    I have thrown out several pairs of my favorite socks lately due to holes. I hate buying new ones because I’m very particular about how high they can be or how thick. It’s tricky! Why can’t things last forever?

  3. Mouse Says:

    There are lots of good posts about mending on Instagram. Also some people I follow (friends of friends) just published a book called Mending Life!

  4. Pooh Says:

    I have that book! Right now, it is sitting by the front door, along with two other knitting books, which I leant to a friend, and she returned. Mine, like my “Joy of Cooking”, has sections that aren’t attached to the binding anymore. Years ago, I thought maybe I should take it to Office Depot and have them hole punch it. Unfortunately, the text is printed too close to the binding. It’s funny, how first I’m interested in one section, then another.

    Since you often wear holes in the elbows, maybe put patches on. Not leather patches, those would be too heavy, but quilting cotton, or silk…