Pandemic hoarding stash

This is my stash or part of it at least. Not shown is beer/liqwire and toilet paper, etc. This is stuff I ordered from Amazon or wherever I could get it. I can order this kind of stuff locally but I’ve found that it isn’t always simple even when you provide specific instructions. A while back, I emailed a curbside order to a specialty grocery that included two 28 oz. cans of *tomatoes* and two 14.5 oz. cans of tomato *sauce*. When they called me to get my payment info, there were questions about big cans and small cans, etc. and in the end, I received 28 oz. cans of *sauce* and 14.5 oz. cans of *tomatoes*, which was the reverse of what I ordered.

It was okay. The lasagna sauce I made with the reversed ingredient quantities was fine. And I am not dissing the employees at this wonderful little store. I have been buying these sauce ingredients in these quantities for more years than they’ve been alive and I can believe my instructions were confusing and they can’t read my baggy old mind. I will definitely keep ordering meat (this store’s specialty) and produce and stuff there. One of the things I miss about The Commander is that she used to can fresh tomatoes from the short yooperland season every year and send me home from the moomincabin with a bunch of big jars.

After that though, I decided to start buying stuff like that online. Rodent Grock Delivery could get it for me but (as I keeeeeeep saying), I want to limit her time buying for us. If you spend your whole day working in a grokkery store, I imagine the last thing you want to do after work is buy groceries for your baggy old parents. She did drop a pretty big delivery on our porch today. 🧡🧡🧡

I’ve been pretty successful at buying online but sometimes there’s a miss. I tried to buy four cup coffee filters from Amazon and after promising me the moon, that ended up being a miss. I guess people are lining their face masks with them? It’s okay. I got a refund and then put in an order for a reusable gold filter for our little Mr. Coffee. (We can use the percolator at the moomincabin but that’s a whole ‘nother story😉)

And then there were the six cans of mushrooms (I use them on pizza so bite me) that were supposed to be delivered today. Not. I tapped through to the details and… They arrived at a facility in Brownstown (Lake Erie Metro Park area, where we were yesterday) at 5:30 AM. Why did they not arrive? I dunno but it could be because all of SE Michigan got dumped with torrential rain all day and I bet that gloobered things up a bit.

My sources say that the TP supply is flowing pretty well these days. Maybe that industry is finally pivoting to meet the needs of all the folks now using their home bathrooms?

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