Here I am crowing about all the online shopping and ordering I’ve been doing and acting like I’m totally ROCKING IT!

Not today. I made an Amazon order this morning. About the umpteenth Amazon order I’ve made since March 13, 2020. This time I got an email that my trusty plastic card had been declined. It’s on file as my main/only payment method with Amazon. The expiration date is a couple years away and there is way more than enough money in the attached account for the transaction I had just made.

I futzed around a bit and thought I fixed the issue but every time I looked at the order, an error message persisted. Late in the afternoon I put in an order to Argus and my card info was not accepted. Okay. I used a different card and then I called the bank support line. Actually I didn’t call the bank support line at first. I tried to figger out how to fix it online. Alas, there didn’t seem to be a way and I was turned off by all the COVID-19 disclaimers.

I am a total klutz with phone calls so I HATE them but I finally called the support number. After wading through the long rambling COVID-19 message (hey, shorten it to “slow service due to COVID-19” – that’s all you really need to say) and the usual menus and some other fumbling that I won’t try to describe, I got connected to a person PDQ. I’m gonna guess this is because I said “debit card declined” when I stated my problem to the electronic voice.

What was the problem? Somebody “flagged” something I did as suspicious… I have no clue what that could be. I am mainly buying groceries and household cleaning “stuff”. I have bought a few books from various sources and some t-shirts from Etsy and more coffee grinders than I need and a secret gift for someone from Williams Sonoma. And I fergit what else. I have bought things from a few sources that I thought were a little sketchy but they turned out okay. But I got knocked out TODAY and guess what I ordered TODAY? Bars of DIAL SOAP!!! A 8-pack of white (not antibacterial) from Amazon. The bank gal couldn’t tell me EXACTLY what the problem was but she did say that these “incidents” have risen since the pandemic.

Alas, to fix it, I have to schlep out to the bank branch tomorrow and throw my card and my driver’s license into the pneumatic tube. I am not a particularly happy camper.

BTW: I am not dissing the bank support gal. I work in the online banking industry and security is of the utmost importance and I’m sure they ARE dealing with unpresidented unprecedented call volumes with COVID and who knows what kind of hackers. She answered quickly and was friendly and professional.

The GG provided the pics and I didn’t ask permission to post them but I don’t think he cares 🐸

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Great pics! I too am burning up my cards since I’m doing so much ordering on-line. No problems yet, I’m sure it’ll wait until I’m traveling somewhere. 🙁