Pandemic dishwashing…

…is the same here as it always is. I DOOOOO the dishes 99% of the time and I am HAPPY with that arrangement.

This WaPo article about dishwashing during the pandemic flew by today (the Tiktok link in the article doesn’t work for me). I mean people are actually LETTING THEIR DIRTY DISHES PILE UP IN THE SINK FOR DAAAAAYYYYYS??? Whaaaaaat?

What the be-jeebus is so hard about washing a few dishes? Or putting them in the dishwasher…

I have always been a dishwasher.

One of my fave things to do as a 3-year-old or whatever was to wash the dern “dishes”. I’m sure The Commander set me up with unbreakables to do that. Or maybe not because I was a pretty careful kid. At approximately the same age, when I wanted her to mind her own beeswax so to speak, I would tell her to “go wash the dishes”.

When we went to visit “Funny” Grandaddy and Bolette in Detroit, Bolette would always let me help with the dishes while her husband (my grandad) and his grown children (my parents and aunts and uncles) yee-hawed in the other room over whatever liqwire they were sipping. They were having fun and Bolette always sincerely asked me about school and LISTENED to my answers. She was a retired teacher with no biological children and I was born a year or so after she married my grandaddy. I loved her and I think she loved me.

And then there were all those beautiful summer evenings next door at the Old Cabin when my FinFam uber-cousins were assigned to do the dishes and I would help. In those days, the running water came from a garden hose connected to my uncle’s well. It was cold water and we had to heat it on the stove in big tea kettles. It was fun and we would sing – or maybe we sang *after* doing the dishes out in one of the rowboats.

At any rate, doing dishes has almost always been FUN for me. If you clicked over to the article, I am one of those people who has been known to grab dishes from people almost before they are finished with them. My dishes are almost always washed immediately and put in the dishwasher if appropriate (and if there IS a dishwasher). How can people leave dishes in the sink for three days? Even if doing the dishes isn’t FUN, it is one chore that can actually be FINISHED if you are diligent about keeping up with it.

Love y’all and learn to love doing yer dishes, KW

2 Responses to “Pandemic dishwashing…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I also grab dishes before people are finished sometimes, but I’m not a huge fan of doing dishes. I never let them pile up in the sink though. That would bother me a lot! It seems like you have many fond memories wrapped up in the act of dishwashing.

  2. Tonya Watkins Says:

    I have a system. Lunch and snack dishes may pile up (little piles) in the sink, but I can’t stand cooking dinner in a dirty kitchen so I load them in the dishwasher before I start cooking. THEN, John cleans the kitchen after dinner, loading the dinner dishes in the dishwasher and starts it, which runs every night. Works out great!