Kitten box

I was thinking about the old Dewar’s box a while back and wondering (hoping) it was still around.

I can remember this box being around my entire life. It was at the Old Cabin before we built the moomincabin and it moved to the moomincabin with us (I was six). That means it belonged to my old coot, which I came to know because his dad (my granddad) was a teetotaler. I found it under the sink yesterday when I cleaned that area out. It was behind that green garbage can.

My cat Twinkle had her second litter of kittens in the Dewar’s box. We knew she was pregnant and she was nesting in the box and one morning (a while after she “peed” on the floor), we noticed a tiny orange tabby kitten in the box. We didn’t have a phone at the cabin in those days so The Commander sent us running down to the Mullin cabin to grab the Mullin twins so they could watch the rest of the births (that was by arrangement with the Mullin parents BTW).

So we watched the rest of the kittens be born and I named every one of them. Butterball, Silk, Spook, Sneezy, and Shelly. But you can read it for yourself if you want because here is a letter I wrote to Grandaddy and Bolette in Detroit. I was a rising second grader and I have posted this letter before🐽

As the kittens grew, we moved the box out underneath the back deck and if you came anywhere near the box, you were on my dog Tigger’s sh*t list.

3 Responses to “Kitten box”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Wonderful memories and letter! I’ve been to Dewars in Scotland, although I never developed a taste for whisky. Tastes like battery acid to me.

  2. Jay Says:

    And Butterball became Butterscotch, our cat for many years, and the reason orange tabbys are my favorite. Shelly, the tortoiseshell, was also ours for a while. I was only 4, and don’t really remember when she left/disappeared. Butterscotch, Chas, Frodo and Sam. All orange tabbys.

  3. Pooh Says:

    Shelly ran away, I remember Dad driving us around calling out for her. I don’t remember how old she was when she disappeared.