Potato chips and upsleeve panty hose

Throughout most of the pandemic, I have been ordering a lot of non-perishable grocery items from Amazon (or wherever). Maybe after this is all over (whenever that may be), I will make a list of everything I ordered on Amazon and post it.

Today I ordered potato chips! Lays Ruffles, three 8-oz. bags. Potato chips are one of my fave snacks in life but since we’ve been hunkering down, my appetite has been pretty dern low. Last night? I. WANTED. POTATO CHIPS. So… I ordered them online. Part of me can’t believe I did this. Yes, Rodent Grock Delivery could’ve picked them up from her trip to Meijer today. But why should RGD have to spend time wandering around finding things I can order online. But we’ll see how this works out and whether I actually eat potato chips when they get here. Probably will though🐽

And YES, I once (see yesterday’s comments 🐸) had the loverly experience of pulling a pair of panty hose out of my ski jacket in front of my parents as I was trying to put it (the jacket) on for, uh, church. Yes. We were going to church. I’m not sure I’m remembering all of this accurately but it was the day after my cousin Mac’s wedding and a bunch of us had ended up in a sauna or something at the now-defunct Ramada Inn in Sault Ste. Siberia the night before. Did we have clothes on? I can’t remember THAT. But I definitely took my panty hose off. And stuffed them up my jacket sleeve… Girl gone wild? Wannabee maybe. It was all so much fun and a great memory!

And then I grew up. With one foot solidly on the ground. And the other waving around having fun and thinking outta the box! No nude saunas for me ever again though🐽

Love y’all, KW

2 Responses to “Potato chips and upsleeve panty hose”

  1. Margaret Says:

    My grandpa had a sauna in his basement, but we never went in there nude. I should order more from Amazon; I never think of them for food. (although I do order my coffee and chocolate sauce from them)

  2. Pooh Says:

    I don’t think nudity was involved. I’d left the Ramada earlier, so I don’t know exactly either.