Face mask scramble (not entirely safe for work)

So, after our return from our contact-free (almost) junket to the yooperland over the weekend, I washed both of our beautiful batik rodent-made face masks.

Okay, first… Almost contact-free? I stayed totally outside the prescribed 6-foot distance from anyone and acted as the Social Distancing Police to keep those I wanted to hug like crazy from touching each other. I do want to ask who came up with 6-foot number and how they tested its efficacy but that’s a whole ‘nother thing. There were a few momentary instances of closer contact, masked and not touching the folks we want so much to hug as tightly as we can. And the short (masked) trip the GG made into a small hardware store that I reported yesterday.

So we got home and I washed our masks along with a bunch of other laundry. I was SURE I washed both masks and I was SURE that they were both around when I was sorting the cleaned laundry. TODAY? I could NOT find my mask ANYWHERE! Mind you I wasn’t GOING anywhere so no need for it but I was devastated that I might have lost it. Did I really see it AFTER the laundry was done? I was missing a SOCK too.

Okay. The GG found the sock PDQ. It was stuck inside one of his fancy outdoor garments that attract other fabrics. Large garments announce their presence by getting tangled up. Small garments like socks, bikini underwear, and MASKS get hidden.

I was really upset about losing this mask… But then… I was sitting outside having an after-work cocktail and the GG came out WITH MY MASK IN HIS HAND. Wanna know where he found it? This is kind of embarrassing but he folded up a pair of pants yesterday and threw them in the closet. He unfolded them ONE MORE TIME today and there was my MASK stuck in the, uh, crotch. “Crotch” is a word The Commander used unabashedly, usually to refer to children who managed to encrust that area of their anatomy with sand up at the moominbeach but sometimes she used it for other purposes🐽 At least the “crotch” of his pants was clean, having been freshly laundered with a bunch of other laundry, including my mask.

The pic is just as we were turning in for Monday night in the Lyme Lounge, which we have tucked up next to the moomincabin for the duration. It is a tiny 13-foot Scamp trailer, easy to pull without a 5th-wheel or whatever but no bathroom facilities. The moomincabin has modern (but basic) plumbing including a SMALL bathroom so we use that for showers and whatever. If I have to P at 3AM, I just walk outside and hope I don’t take a whole bunch of MOE-skee-TOES back in with me like I did Monday night🐽 Nyeeeeeeeee Nyeeeeeee. Yuck.

Our trailer is not built for people much taller than the GG and I. We are somewhere around 5-and-a-half feet each. I think he edges me out a bit. We are comfortable sleeping in the Scamp. Anyone much taller than us would not be. We could certainly sleep inside the moomincabin (and often do) but the Lyme Lounge is SO comfortable🧡

3 Responses to “Face mask scramble (not entirely safe for work)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I need to wash my cloth mask also. I’m glad you found yours. When our girls were younger(under 10) my husband was at work, and pulled a pair of girl’s underwear out of the hood of his hooded sweatshirt. I wonder what people thought of that!

  2. Pooh Says:

    Or pulling a pair of pantyhose out of your winter coat sleeve, in front of your parents, just before going to church???? <3, <3, <3 !

  3. jane Says:

    The outhouse is a short walk, and always unlocked and stocked with TP!