I don’t remember which day this pic was taken but it was sometime last week. Daddy (?) Robin in the nest with two of three babies visible.

Today! We arrived home from our (self-contained) trip to the yooperland to find that the first baby robin had JUST FLEDGED! Within ten minutes the remaining two babies had also fledged. The family is still hanging around the yard for now but the nest has been abandoned. Unless they decide to lay a second batch of eggs. That does happen sometimes.

We are sitting underneath the chickadee house with the parents flying in and out carrying food. They are apparently not as skittish about humans as robins are.

Road trip? Returned to the Planet Ann Arbor today. We (the GG) entered our only store today, which was the hardware store in Brimley to get batteries for FlaMan. The GG was a masked man. I didn’t see any other masks (I sat in Mooon Yooonit). The eastern yooperland is not (yet) a hot spot. I hope it stays that way. We have been isolating for soooo long that I doubt we are virus vectors but are trying to be safe and keep others safe anyway. I am appalled at the reports of people flooding parts of the northern Great Lake State and not following the “rules”, such that rules can be cobbled together given the unknowns of the virus.

Anyway, we left the Lyme Lounge (on purpose) and bucketP (accidentally) at the moomincabin but still avoided the public rest areas by doing roadP. We got off at the Ski Ranch exit and immediately found a little back road with no traffic. I didn’t even feel like I had to go off into the woods, it was that secluded. I’m starting to wonder why we bother with rest areas at all…

Our last little adventure was a social call to FlaMan’s apartment in Flint. It’s an independent living facility which is locked down for now but he has a first floor apartment and so was able to sit and have a beer with us outside. At a safe distance because he has many challenges, one of the main ones being BREATHING. He looked great today though and it’s always fun to listen to him complain about things and tell stories, many of them a bit off-color. Like, did he really just say that? It has to be extra hard for people like FlaMan to be locked down during this pandemic but he is a force of nature and seems to be doing pretty dern well.

Anyway, home to robin fledglings and beautiful new tie-dyed t-shirts from an Etsy shop and BOOOOOOOKS from Lopez Island! And heat… And work tomorrow HI HO!

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Love the birds and your P-tales! John is talking about getting his big Ford truck worked on, loading on his camper and then taking off(with me) to parts unknown. Glad that the GG is wearing a mask! If I see unmasked people around here, they’re usually men.