Flora and (mostly) fauna

I took this (badly framed) photo yesterday and wouldn’t you know, this morning a “memory” popped up of an identical (but better framed) pic from one year ago. I didn’t even remember we HAD any irises in the yard.

Fauna? Wow! After a morning of chores and errands, I decamped to the Landfill back yard where various beings were BUSY! Chickadee parents feeding babies in their birdhouse, robin parents building a nest, hummingbearsbirds buzzing me, and Henrietta’s baby hopping around. Squirrels and chippies running all over the place doing their thing too.

What did I unbox today?
— Soap (8 bars of white non-antibacterial Dial bath soap). This transaction is the one for which my debit card got declined. I mean buying SOAP on the Internet is suspicious activity?
— A new red colander to replace one that recently disentegrated disintegrated.
— A reusable gold 4-cup coffee filter for our little Mr. Coffee (because try as I did, I couldn’t get paper ones on the internet).
— A new Patagonia polartech vest to replace the one on which the zipper disintegrated and I didn’t have the oomph to replace it (oddly enough I am contemplating “slow” mending for other garments).
— Two (yes, really) copies of the Bantam needlecraft “encyclopedia” that I scrambled to find (in my house) a few weeks ago. I now own four copies, three here and one at the moomincabin.
— A book on darning that I ordered from the UK (plus already received one that 🐭 pointed me to).
— I did NOT unbox an item from Williams Sonoma because that one is for Father’s Day.

Note that some of these boxes have been sitting around here for a while. I wasn’t exactly “quarantining” them. More often I knew what was in them and had no need to open them when they arrived. I save most of my unboxing for the weekend. The only box that arrived TODAY was laundry detergent pods and that just arrived so I haven’t opened it yet because I’m hanging out with a ‘hattan in the back yard. Also I have a couple weeks worth of laundry pods around but I ordered these earlier than I usually would because the last time I tried to order them I had trouble finding them…

What did I order today?
— 2 large bottles of dish detergent
— ketchup
— balsamic vinegar
— corn oil
— pine nuts and sliced almonds from nuts.com (great source!)
— Mophie iPhone charging case for use at the moomincabin (not a replacement for my beauteous Pickle Finger case)

2 Responses to “Flora and (mostly) fauna”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I ordered some of my Monin’s Dark Chocolate sauce and a few other non-food items from Amazon. The sauce will come quickly since it’s essential food! LOL I love watching birds. John has a bunch of hummingbirds in his back yard because he has feeders and plants they like. They’re so beautiful. I’m thinking I need more irises!

  2. Tonya Watkins Says:

    I LOVE watching the birds. We get lots of goldfinches and house finches, along with chickadees, junkos, and evening grosbeaks that sing so beautifully. Probably my favorite are the flickers, which are a type of woodpecker. They are gorgeous, and they also like the birdseed, which I am very low on and need to hit Wild Birds Unlimited and pick up a big bag, curbside.

    I’m going to check out nuts.com! I love having nuts to add to several dishes. And thank you for reminding me that I need ketchup (I’ve been getting the sugar free kind and it’s very good).