OK [grumptastic] boomer

I had planned a reading/mending day and I largely did that. I guess I had also been planning hoping to read/mend OUTSIDE. It was a very pretty day but chilly enough for most of the morning that I hung in my TeleCube aka the Green Couch and even bundled up a bit in a blanket early in the morning. Eventually I moved outside. Sun? Yes. Tooooo HOT. Shade? Needed a polartech jacket.

Today’s mending prodject was this tiered skirt and I reattached tiers that are in the process of disconnecting from the skirt. This is not the first time I have done this. It’s a pretty dern cheaply made skirt but I love it and want to keep wearing it. It’s from Soft Surroundings and I shouldda bought two or three because they do not HAVE them any more. I hate when that happens. I like Soft Surroundings but a lot of the stuff they sell kinda looks like what the GG calls Women’s Bedclothes. Including this tiered skirt I suppose. I didn’t do a fancy creative mending job, just black thread.

Bird update: robins are hanging about but not working on the nest that I can tell. But maybe they finished it? Chickadee-dee-dee-dees actively feeding babies all afternoon.

News? I cannot process the week’s current events. There are so many moving parts that my brain has pretty much shut down. I had an OK boomer moment today with our Rodent Delivery Service. I’m not sure what “generation” my children belong to. Are they millennials? Or are they older than that? They are not Gen-Xers. Where do they fit in? Anyway, during a brief masked convo through the front door, I opined that the protests are going to spread the virus. I felt chastened when my rodent gently reminded me why the protests are happening. I do understand. Here I am sheltering myself from a randomly deadly disease and I am also sheltered from the violence happening in so many of our cities. Note that this wasn’t an argument in any way, shape, or form. It was simply a moment of clarity for me. I am proud of our younger generation and their sense of justice.

So a rather slodgy day for me in some ways. Thinking back, I should’ve taken the Ninja for a drive down to Swan Corners where I see on facebook there is a brood of SIX SEVEN cygnets!


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  1. Margaret Says:

    Your daughters, like mine, are millennials. I’m having problems processing everything too–what’s happening, who is doing what, and how it’s being dealt with. Poorly in Seattle, I must say. I thought we would do better, but apparently not.