New outlets!!!

I kinda wanted to title this something like “The moomincabin joins the 21st century” but the moomincabin has joined the 21st century a few times now.

We’ve had computers and the internet at the moomincabin since the late 20th century but doing anything besides a simple email or webpage update was a pain in the U-KNOW-WHAT because dial-up. Nevertheless, we persisted and my boring blahg of blather was born the summer of 2003. I created it mainly because mus musculus and I were at the cabin and the GG and Lizard Breath (a rising college sophomore!) were on The Planet Ann Arbor. I hate talking on the phone so I started writing little entries about all the interesting things happening at the cabin. Grandaddy patrolling the old road, etc.

Late summer 2007!!! Still on dial-up at the moomincabin. But. After kvetching about how I would not be an early adopter of the iPhone, guess what? I became an early adopter of the iPhone. We bought TWO one Sunday afternoon and the next day I fetched Uber Kayak Woman from Metro and we blasted north. We only had the Edge service at the cabin and it was horrifically slow but I was able to post something on the internet (I fergit what, maybe I just sent an email) FROM MY PHONE!!!

2011: I was stuck up at the moomincabin because The Commander was in a rehab facility. Two things: 1) That was the summer that the 4G network came to the beach. 2) I got so frustrated by trying to actually WORK (i.e., telecommute) using a dial-up modem that I made the executive decision to obtain a DSL! Wow did that ever make a difference. And Jamadots does a great job. I don’t think we’ve ever had bad service.

2020: We drove down the cabin road when we arrived for Memorial Day weekend and there were little white flags and things everywhere. The GG was going on and on about marking for road grading and I was half listening. But then they were in our driveway too and road grading doesn’t include our driveway… I went to open the cabin door and there was an “excuse our mess” hanger thingy on the door handle. WE’RE PUTTING IN FIBER!!! What the heck? We don’t even have fiber here on the Planet Ann Arbor. Hopefully that means we can get rid of the DSL, which we don’t need.

So today, the GG (yes, he is at the cabin and I think he is social distancing although I know he went to Meijer and Ace Hardware today🐽) installed two new outlets. One is an outdoor outlet so people who mostly read booooooks on their phones can charge their phones while reading outside, weather permitting. The other is just a new-fangled outlet with USB ports.

When we built the moomincabin, it had lucky-shucky, cold running water in the kitchen sink from a garden hose hooked up to my uncle’s well, an OUTHOUSE, NO SHOWER, and NO TELEPHONE! We’ve come a looooonnnng way.

One Response to “New outlets!!!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It’s important to change with the times, and these are all necessary and helpful improvements! You started blogging a year before I did. I began Labor Day weekend of 2004.