Back to nature

Not sure if we have more, uh, “nature” around here this year or if I’m just noticing it more because I am a COVID telecommuter.

Robins? Yes, we have robins. In spades. If you are one o’ my nine reglear nucular taggers, you’ve watched the first batch of robins from hatch to fledge. We now have a new nest of incubating eggs. It’s in a different location. We do not know if these parents are the same as those from the first nest or different parents. Apparently robins often raise more than one set of babies during a season. Sometimes they re-use the original nest, sometimes not.

Anyway, this is the “lee” of our beloved/crappy little house, The Landfill, where the AAAAA-dition walls meet the original house. The arrow pointing to the left is the original nest. The other is the new nest.

Yay for me for actually remembering how to photoshop those arrows into the photoooo. And yay for vector graphics! Although I have a full-fledged (albeit ancient) version of PS on my MacBook Pro, at work my main graphics app is Snagit. It is not as robust as Photoshop but it’s great for annotating screenshots in all kinds of creative ways and therefore crucial to my job. I love Snagit and I ROCK IT!

I believe there is yet another robin’s nest. I was untangling a snakus horribilis mess of garden hoses today (I needed to water my impatiens) and some of the horribilis got LOOPED on something around the corner behind where I’m standing in the first pic. As I rounded the corner (cursing!), I spooked a bird. I think it was a robin. I looked up and saw what looked like a robin’s nest (or nest in progress) on a little platform next to a drainpipe. We’ll see.

And there were chickadees nesting in the birdhouse but I think they fledged without telling me they were gonna do that.

Over at Cubelandia we see a different set of wildlife, mostly waterbirds. Geese geese geese. Ducks. Great Blues. Cranes. Egrets. Also EAGLES and things. And then there are killdeers and goldfinches and the red-wing blackbirds that didn’t poop all over Ninja’s mirrors this year because I wasn’t there because COVID. And I dunno what else but probably robins.

One Response to “Back to nature”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I know you’ve adjusted well to working from home, but do you miss going in to work? It seems like you always enjoyed that. I’ve decided that part of my old age is appreciating birds and flowers so much more. Or is that just boredom? 😉