I facetimed with MMCB from the back yard this morning. Hot and humid here but the breeze helped. We discussed (among many other things) our pandemic shopping habits. I have not been in a store since March 12. It was a liqwire store and I was on my way home from my last day working AT Cubelandia. I’m pretty sure some people think I am over the top but that’s my comfort level and it is what it is. Fortunately I live in a cornucopia of sorts and can get pretty much whatever I need with a little creativity.

MMCB? She likes to pick out her own groceries and doesn’t trust others to do it for her. She is not out every other day but she does shop in person. She is CAREFUL (wears a mask and follows the rules) and has cobbled together a short list of stores she’s comfortable enough to go inside. Costco, Whole Foods, and Trader Joe’s are her faves. Well, Costco is ALWAYS her fave. Whole Foods is not usually.

If she is shopping somewhere and employees are not wearing masks, she ASKS TO SEE THE MANAGER! She is not a “Karen”, rather she is the Quintessential Jewish Mother. She comes by that honestly as she *is* both Jewish and a mother. As I have always said, I would much rather be on the other side of a Barry Bagels table from her than the other end of a service call. I hope I AM on the other side of a Barry Bagels table from her again sometime. It won’t be soon.

I tried to point out that it is possible to do curbside pickup and get decent food if you are careful about where you shop and what you shop for but I’m not sure I was very convincing. She mentioned that she’d had to wait 20 minutes to get in to TJ’s and I said “I hate to wait” and apparently that’s something called schpilkas (or schpilkes, the inter-tubes are divided). I love Yiddish words. Radical Betty used to call people she didn’t like “schlecks”. I used that word with my Jewish buddies once and they were like “what is a schleck?” and gnoffing like crazy. I think the word RB was reaching for was “schlub”. But then she was a Scottish yooper.

I was telecommuting from the back yard today and all of a sudden, a, uh, TREE came around the corner and invaded my space.

Eventually we got some much-needed rainstorms. Intermittent drenching rain and high winds. Rumbly thunder all around us but no visible lightning that I saw. I won’t have to water my flowers for a couple days and The Ninja has lost its COVID hair (seed material) and it is 20-something degrees cooler (down from 93). But it’s summer [almost] and this is the Great Lake State and what the heck, we could have snow tomorrow. But probably won’t🐽

Extra thanks to Mouse/Raccoon for the booze/beer/Frito run for us and FlaMan today.

Love y’all, KW

One Response to “Schpilkas/Schpilkes”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m a bit like your friend in that I do shop in person, but only every 2 weeks or so, and always masked, Glad that your hot weather has broken for now. We have lots of rain at the moment but next week looks nice and mid 70s.