More eggs!

I think I have posted that we have a second robin nest and today the intrepid GG got my selfie-stick up there to check out what’s going on. Two eggs and “we” think that will be all for this nest.

The Big Question is, is it the same parents or a new pair? We do not know. We know that robins sometimes lay more than one set of eggs per season. We know (we think) that they sometimes re-use the old nest but they also sometimes build a new one. I am only guessing about this but I think this is the same set of parents. Why? Because it’s a rather unusual egg color for robin eggs (that I know of, I am NOT a bird expert by any stretch of the imagination), darker than the usual. This color matches my kitchen tile backsplash. So, I dunno. Actually, the GG says more-or-less NAY and that the color is more a function of what they eat. I dunno what HE knows but I guess WE probably dunno who the parents are.

I draaaaaggggged myself out of the Landfill and surrounding neighborhood on Sunday, faaaaaarrrring up the Ninja for a mini-roadtrip down to Swan Corners. There is a swan pair who have SEVEN cygnets this year. That seems like an astounding number to me. I could not get a picture. Although people DO park at Swan Corners, there isn’t what I regard as a safe place to park. Well unless there’s a RARE bird sighting down there, then the roads are lined with parked cars and people with scopes are everywhere.

Driving? It’s just weird to me these days. I can’t describe it. I mean I can certainly drive just fine but I’m going slower, at least around town, and I am hyper-aware of my surroundings. Well, maybe that’s not different. I have always concentrated when driving. I was talking to my boss and she was saying sorta the same thing so maybe I’m not crazy.

And just now I made an off-hand remark to the GG about how HOT it was this afternoon. His response? Is the FAAAAANN on? The faaaaannn is a “whole house” fan and it isn’t as good as the central A/C that we rarely turn on but it does have a decent cooling effect. How the heck could I have forgotten the FAAAAANNN? Jeebus. Of course, I COULD also work outside. Is there an outlet out here? Hmmmm… We have outdoor outlets at the moomincabin… Oh wait, I guess we doooo have an outdoor outlet, just where I need it.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Ashley keeps complaining about the heat in NY–what heat? We haven’t had it yet, and I’m thankful for that small mercy. I will spend much of July in NY, so I will need to adjust to heat and humidity. As a Washingtonian, I hate both.