Also brown…

I don’t usually call people’s birthdays out on this boring blahg of blather but it is my youngest [biological] niece’s birthday today. I won’t tell you the number. That’s her business. Except to say that it is high enough to make me want to say what my dad once said to me, which was “happy UNbirthday”. That was because MY age reminded him of HIS age.

Anyway, it is pretty hard when you get to the part of the birthday song where you have to insert the person’s name to fit in “Pengo Janetto Cookie Tester Penguin Hoosh” (although it might extend the handwashing song during the coronavirus). It was the summer a lot of us were reading “Endurance” about Shackleton’s voyage to Antarctica. They ate a lot of what they called “penguin hoosh” and my niece is a long-time penguin lover so we started calling her Pengo Janetto Penguin Hoosh.

One day she was out of sorts about something. I have NO CLUE what it was. My parents ended up with four granddaughters (two and two) and when you have four young children in your cabin during the summer arguments sometimes happen. So I don’t remember what happened but The Commander came to the rescue as she always did. She was making chocolate chip cookies and she enlisted Pengo as a “cookie tester”. I dunno why that worked but Pengo got distracted and “Cookie Tester” became part of her “name”.

I can’t say that The Comm was as adept at handling sibling conflicts between my brother and I but she was great at dealing with her grandchildren and I believe she was probably a better influence on their lives than their parents were.

Brown? We aren’t sure what happened to this tree but all of a sudden, like two weeks ago, EVERY NEEDLE turned brown. Dead dead dead.

And… at the moment some of us are in an argument about whether states AUTOMATICALLY register all applicants for drivers licenses to VOTE. I say NAY. I am midway in the process to research this (for Michigan and California) and so far I don’t see anything on either website that they hand out a voter registration form to anyone who meets our country’s requirements to vote whether or not they get a driver’s license. Stay tuned… 🐽🐽🐽

One Response to “Also brown…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Your nicknames for people are always so intriguing. I don’t know the answer to that state registration to vote. Could that be part of this real ID mess? My state didn’t qualify, and I’m not sure why; was it that citizenship didn’t have to be proven to get a driver’s license?