Green green

Where do I start? I actually did some DUSTING (with WET microfiber towels) this weekend AND some sorting out of things to be donated once things can be donated again. For now, donations are mostly not accepted anywhere and I understand that.

I have been impressed by the folks who have spent their pandemic time cleaning out closets, etc. I have been doing that off and on over a number of years but having to intake deceased parents’ stuff slows the whole thing down. Even though The Commander spent YEARS doing what people are now calling Death Cleaning, we still have parental stuff to deal with… And then there’s the stuff the cFam doesn’t want to get rid of and some of it is in our house…

I have been COVID telecommuting since March and probably will be at least until the end of 2020 if the latest corporate missives are correct. Yes really and why was it that I didn’t want to work for Corporate America again? They treat me so well. Except I still have a grocery bag over at Cubelandia if they decide to RIF me. You never know. I will be okay no matter what happens but I remain happy to have a good job for now.

This weekend I was FINALLY able to stop feeling so NUMB from COVID fear that I could restart my off and on flinging project. Just a wee bit today but what I did made me sorta feel good. I can’t drop any of it off for now but one of these days I’ll be able to. When our fave drop-off places figger out contact-free dropoff, we’ll be there.

Here is the New Christy Minstrels on YouTube with Green Green. I remember this from when my grandparents used to take the whole fam out for a steak dinner at the old Holiday Inn up in the Yooperland (corner of old US2 and M28). People (not my grandfather) would play Green Green on the jukebox. This was an old-fashioned traveler’s type inn and not related to the Holiday Inn hotels we all know.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I’ve done little to nothing about cleaning out anything, but I’m retired, so I can do that any time. (not that I’m highly motivated to do so)