Social distance whine

So, okay, the request was something like, I get off at seven and I have a camp chair in my car so maybe we could have some whine together socially distanced in the Landfill backyard.

Yes yes yes yes! You don’t need to bring your camp chair, you can use the purple adirondack chair. But buy some decent whine because I’ve been living off box whine for the duration. And please use your Venmo Grock buxx to buy the whine. Oh and some plain yogurt because the yogurt container I opened today contained homemade sandwich thins which freaked me out for a split second. What? BTW, Box whine is fine but meeting up with your daughter for the first time in person since COVID (except for masked front door convos) calls for something a wee bit more refined.

So here is my setup for social distance whine with a grockery worker (who has *probably* already had COVID but we can’t be too careful, no tests available at the time). The purple adirondack is probably more like 20 feet away from where I’m seated on the red adirondack. And there is a table with whine glasses and a corkscrew out there in the yard. Later filled with two bottles of whine and I cleaned the bird poop off it💩

I am missing the days when this person and her SO would come over and do laundry and have dinner. They have their own laundry facilities now and since COVID our meetings have involved drop-offs and pick-ups at the front door (not laundry, they were doing that by hand). We are strategizing on how to arrange a family dinner later in the month utilizing our big back yard to social distance. These are challenging times but we will figger it all out somehow. At least we are not plane rides away from each other. That would be so hard.

One Response to “Social distance whine”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Planes rides away, ouch. I hate that both my girls are, but at least I don’t have to be tempted to see them, right? Our cases have shot up (no surprise), so I’ll be personally staying in Phase 1, unlike the rest of my county which is technically in Phase 2.