Clorox success and other trivia

Since the beginning, I have been scouting for Clorox wipes on Amazon. At first I was actually trying to BUY them, with no success, now it’s just curiosity about whether they are available (NOT). I had one canister going into this and Rodent Delivery brought me a couple more when they were available and I’ve been rationing them all. I don’t really NEED tons of them anyway. I can clean most things in my house with other cleaners. Dish detergent is what I usually use in the kitchen anyway and liquid barkeepers friend does a good job on the tub.

Of all things, on about Monday I did my usual search for wipes on Amazon and lo and behold, there was one canister. Not even marked “prioritized for health care workers” or whatever. So I ordered it. The delivery date window was June 11-16 and I figured it would get delivered or not and either way I didn’t really care. But it arrived today! I’ve also looked on Amazon every other day this week and NO LUCK.

I picked up my curbside grocery order from the Plum this morning and that worked like a charm, even snagged some Copper River salmon. I guess that’s gonna return to being my main place to get grocks. I’ll still use some of my other sources and save some little items for an occasional Rodent Delivery so we can have masked convos through the screen.

Absentee ballot APPLICATIONS arrived this week and I was able to photograph my completed app and EMAIL it to the city clerk. For a moment I was tempted to check the “always send me an absentee ballot” box but I am not ready to give up in-person voting just yet. I did sign up for both the August and November elections.

Finally managed to get Murder Hornet out of the Landfill. I wasn’t really trying although I do feel bad to let buggy things die if they are not pests. I will kill MOE-skee-TOES and biting flies without a second thought and I will fold, spindle, and mutilate ticks. But I couldn’t figure out how to corral him without the risk of getting stung so we were rather peacefully coexisting as he tried in vain to get out the front window by the Green Couch. A fair number of deliveries happened today and while I was out fetching one of them, I noticed that he was hovering by the screen door so I held it wide open and he found his way out.

Is that all? Yeah, I guess that’s all.

2 Responses to “Clorox success and other trivia”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’ve tried several times to order baby wipes off Ashley’s registry(Amazon product) for her actual baby, and have never been able to do so. I wish they could find a way to prioritize them for real infants! I don’t like insects in the house; they are fine outside, but on my turf, they are not welcome. I make them leave if I can; if not I make them dead.

  2. Sam Says:

    I’m with you on: “I will kill MOE-skee-TOES and biting flies without a second thought and I will fold, spindle, and mutilate ticks.”