I certainly dated yooper guys back in high school, etc. Like two serious relationships when I was a kid.

And then I left town and never totally connected with anyone for more years than I cared to count. Until I ran in to this character. He was not a yooper in any way shape or form. He grew up in Royal Joke but he did spend summers at his family’s rustic cabin at Houghton Lake… The first time I went up there for a winter weekend with him and a bunch of friends, I started thinking like we might have something in common. The second time (a few weeks later) we drove up with his beautiful sister Susie 🧡 and I met two of his brothers and it wasn’t long after that when we turned into a couple.

I was accepted into his family immediately and was always welcome at Hoton Lake. My fam accepted him too but, oh man, it was a bit difficult for him at the moomincabin in the beginning. My dad and my brother could be authoritarian about a lot of things, botes for one. The GG grew up with botes and was accustomed to taking them out on Hoton Lake whenever he wanted to. Not always so much at the moomincabin because “people” could be fussy about them. Sigh.

The GG, as a twin of terror and smack in the middle of a set of ten siblings, did not particularly respect “authority figures” and he got around that crapola by taking botes out *anyway* and eventually brought a cFam bote up to the moomincabin.

Man oh man. My brother died and then my dad died and the GG became the Boat Master. And one of my moom The Commander’s best friends. He took good care of her and her property in her later years of life. So there he is tonight, the Cabin Master. He opens and closes the moomincabin every year. He has fixed numerous plumbing problems over the years and and he helps with the Old Cabin if needed — he fixed a kitchen sink plumbing issue over there today.

Do you think I married the right guy? I certainly think so. Of course there is no question that we made good children! In a way, that’s all that matters.

3 Responses to “yooperguy”

  1. Jay Says:

    Thanks Bill!

  2. Margaret Says:

    Anyone who is handy, good to the elderly, a great dad/husband, and knows a lot about boats and other things gets a positive review from me.

  3. jane Says:

    Thank you Bill! So relieved to have the cabin in full working condition!