Today’s Rodent Delivery included these two boxes of strawberries from the farmers market and SIX 🐭 made masks, three for the GG ad three for meeeee! Mine are on the left.

These were the first strawberries of the year here (they’re a wee bit late) and we have our eyes peeled for shelling peas but I don’t think they’re available yet. Sugar peas probably are but I’m not all that crazy about those. A lot of people love them but they seem stringy to me. I DOOOOOO love to sit outside and shell peas. But we’ll get there!

I was oot and aboot just a wee bit today on my own doing a weeeeee bit of curbside pickup. In the process, I drove by a few restaurants who have recently “opened up”. Oh dear. This is not going to work well. People waiting to get inside one place were NOT six feet apart. And anyway, is six feet apart an actual scientifically determined measurement? Who knows. I am more comfortable with maybe 20 feet away but whatever. I saw people pushing the envelope on even the six foot distance. Masks? I didn’t see them…

I am not going out to eat *in* a restaurant any time soon. If you are thinking about doing that, whatever you think about your own safety, please please please consider asking the folks who are serving you how they feel about “opening up”. We are ALL *still* vulnerable to contract COVID but we are MORE vulnerable if we are hanging out in restaurants and bars. What about the people who WORK there? Those folks are there for hours and hours and hours as people come in masked or unmasked. And how do you eat/drink with a mask on anyway?

If you DOOOOO dine at a restaurant (inside or out) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tip extra well. Your servers are risking their lives to serve you.

So my Rodent Delivery Service dropped off this stuff today and since she had a half hour or so before her work started, she sat in the back yard with me (we were at least 20 feet apart). No whine today because she had to go to work.

G’night, KW

One Response to “Strawmask”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I would like to get back to normal too, but won’t be headed to a restaurant or movie theater any time soon. I don’t trust people, that’s the problem! If they would distance, wear masks(except while eating of course) and be considerate to other customers and their servers, it wouldn’t be so terrifying.