I need a new studio

So this is a pic my Delivery Rodent texted me of her new fiber arts studio. Well, at least in the summer and in good weather (click to embiggen and see my old owl soup bowl). Outdoor studios do not work out very well in the Great Lake State at least nine months out of the year not to mention we can certainly have inclement weather in the summer.

There is another pic in which she has an ironing board set up. She sent me that one because there was once another outdoor ironer in the FinFam. My aunt Katie was a busy doctor’s wife with four children and she was a WHIZ at cleaning and other household chores. Hence the nickname The White Tornado. The August I was 3-1/2 and my brother was being born, we were at the Old Cabin for the summer (this was before we built the moomincabin) and I stayed a week or so at Katie’s cabin. When my parents returned to pick me up, The Commander was amazed and not a little embarrassed at how clean the area behind my ears was. I don’t remember having my ears scrubbed but that otherwise tumultuous period of family history represents my earliest set of contiguous memories but we’ll talk about that another time.

Anyway, my uncle Don rigged up a lucky-shuckyal outlet on a big pine tree on the bank in front of their cabin and the White Tornado would set up an ironing board and plug in an iron so she could continue working while watching her kids (my cousins) swim. Mouse (of course) doesn’t personally remember this but I certainly do.

But back to the outdoor studio. Can I just say how ENVIOUS I am? The next pic is MY fugly fiber arts studio! Yes, it is in the Landfill Dungeon. YES IT IS A MESS DOWN THERE!!! About the only thing it doesn’t have is an oubliette.

To be fair, since I went back to college and subsequently sold my soul to Corporate America, I have not done a whole lot of fiber arts stuff. But that had already dropped off a bit. Let’s face it. Who wants to go down into a messy, badly lit dungeon to work on art (if you can call anything I do “art”). About lighting? I do have enough light to work down there. Unfortunately, there is almost NEVER anything resembling NATURAL LIGHT in the Landfill Dungeon.

I moved my “studio” from various places in the upstairs during various phases of our growing family. I mean I KNOOOOOWWW we only have two children but it’s a small house and as they grew they needed their own spaces. I moved my sewing musheen and associated crapola from an unused bedroom to the back room. But then I couldn’t keep the back room uncluttered with all of the sewing crapola so one day when the GG was somewhere else, I moved the desk and sewing musheen down to the dungeon. All by myself. And bought a whole bunch of Yaffa blocks (google it) to store my fabric.

I need to move back upstairs. I need a natural light source aka WINDOWS! I have my eye on the bigger “children’s” bedroom. This will be a prodject. I need to get some furniture outta that room (but not the bed because people do occasionally use it in non-pandemic times). But I am gonna need some more space… The Kiwanis drop-off will accept donations again someday and I am about ready.

One Response to “I need a new studio”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It sounds like you’re coming up with a plan, and that will involve flinging. It’s great to have a goal! I wish I had more craft hobbies. Ryan and Ashley helped me clear out a couple of upstairs bedrooms in December and now I have two decent guest rooms instead of messy storage areas. It feels very nice!