We don’t really celebrate made-up holidays like Mother’s/Father’s Day in any kind of big way. Since both our beach urchins live within an easy driving distance we usually gather just to have an excuse to grill some steaks and party a bit. Not so much during this pandemic year. We could’ve probably done something in the back yard with *physical* distancing but people’s schedules were iffy and thunderstorms were a possibility although they didn’t happen. It’s okay. I miss the beach urchins, especially the DayTwa one (because I haven’t seen her in person since February), but it is what it is and there was a facetime between that beach urchin and her dad this morning and many text messages off and on throughout the day.

So here are a few pics of the fathers in my life and my kids’. First up, we have The Gumper (my father-in-law) scrutinizing Lizard Breath at Hoton Lake with the GG (her father) in the background.

And here we are at Hoton Lake with the GG and both of our urchins, one of them pretty dern fresh. Yes, we took her to the moldy old Hoton Lake cabin when she was three weeks old.

I couldn’t pick between two pics of my dad so here are two of him with the older beach urchin.

Finally here is my brother. He died in 2005 but he was father to two daughters. Both of them have earned phds, Pengo just recently. I know he would be proud.

One Response to “Fathers…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Beautiful photos and memories! I didn’t have the energy to post about fathers today. I am thankful that I saw my own dad at lunch, and that was enough.