Mr. Bare Bear Nature

I follow various North Country Trail groups on facebook and sometime this morning, a post flew by with a bare bear in close proximity to a tent. The tent looked vaguely familiar but I didn’t think about it much until the beach urchin who is camping this weekend texted a picture of that post. It is her tent and they were out hiking when this pic was taken and their food is locked in their car.

I finished a long read today, The Women’s Room, by Marilyn French. I think I will give it four stars on Goodreads but I kinda want to give it five only because I read it umpteen bazillion years ago and it sorta felt like an old friend in a way. It more or less documents aspects of the various “movements” of the 1960s and early 1970s from the point of view of a woman living through those years as an adult.

The narrator is older than I am. I was a very young adult when the book was written. Did all of those “movements” change my life? I could/maybe write a “book” about that albeit a very disorganized one. My life has been a mixed bag of missed opportunities (being too shy to grab them) and very lucky lightning strikes. One of the beach urchins once asked us (her parents) if we had any advice about how to find new career opportunities. Me? I had no good advice. I fall off cliffs into jobs. What I didn’t say was that once I fall into a job I OWN IT!

I do think that it may be easier to find good employment as a woman now. It is in my company but not sure it’s true everywhere. And I married a guy who is happy to pitch in with household chores and child care duties. When my first daughter was born, the GG did almost all of the diapering and bathing for quite some time. He was a whole heckuva lot more experienced than I was, since he had 11 nieces and nephews at the time.

My life has always been pretty darn good and the times when I thought I was “poor”, I was really not so much. I just couldn’t always buy luxury crapola. Now that I can [sorta] buy stuff without thinking about it, I couldn’t be bothered (well, except for Copper River salmon🐽). You may not be able to take your money with you but you can pass it on, not that I plan on going anywhere any time soon.

One Response to “Mr. Bare Bear Nature”

  1. Margaret Says:

    A bear?! Yikes. I love Copper River Salmon, but red salmon (to me) is just as good, as long as it’s fresh. It’s still not very easy for women. Just ask Ashley in her academic job, where married women or those with children are much more unlikely to get hired. Universities want academics who can spend most of their time researching, writing and publishing, so as to burnish the reputation of the college. They don’t want a woman with a (time consuming) family.