Doorbell rings…

The doorbell frequently rings at this time of year. It’s usually young college students who are trying to get me to sign on to the clean water act or whatever. I am totally on board with clean water, especially being a Lake Superior beach front property owner. What I don’t agree with is exploiting young idealistic people to go DOOR TO DOOR to harass people for money.

A year ago or so, a young woman came to my door to bug me for money or sign a petition or something. It was something like 9:00 PM and even though the sun hadn’t yet set I was about to put my “women’s bedclothes” on and hit the rack. I told her in no uncertain terms that it was too late for anyone to be knocking on doors and that there were probably plenty of summer jobs that would pay better. She said something like “my mother says that too”. Sigh.

I haven’t had any door knockers this year. Until tonight. A young woman rang the doorbell. I went to the door. She was passing out polly-tickle flyers. I said something about COVID. She looked a little crazy at me and asked if I was under quarantine. I explained that I didn’t have COVID and wasn’t in quarantine but that I have been ISOLATING since March because I don’t WANT TO GET COVID.

I was wondering what the you-know-what was she coming to my door at all. She didn’t seem to understand the vocabulary. Quarantine is when you think you may have been exposed to the virus and need to hang out at home or wherever until you have reached a certain period of time without having symptoms. Isolating is hanging out in your home so you don’t come in contact with people who have COVID, asymptomatic or not.

Sorry, I am so taaaarrred tonight!

One Response to “Doorbell rings…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Yep, I’m isolating now, but will be quarantining in NY after flying from Seattle. It is unlikely that I’ll get anything now (not impossible though) but being in airports and on a flight does increase my risk.