Trump fatigue

This photo was sent to me from the yooperland. I was annoyed at first because the photographer always sends me these crappy downsized sorta pixelated photos. I have photoshop and I can optimize full-size photoooos for the web myself, thank you very much. But then I decided it was okay it was fuzzy because somehow that felt appropriate for Trump.

Being the far-left liberal that I am (not), I was happy about the two Supreme Court decisions handed down this week. I do believe we need to *reform* immigration laws. I do NOT believe people who were brought here as babies and know no other country AND are contributing members to our society should be deported without some dern good reason. I don’t get the anti-trans thing at all. I mean, I know some of these people… And I guess that’s as far as I’m gonna go with that other than to say that sex and gender identity are not binary traits. Neither is skin color.

I doubt that my idea of reforming immigration laws matches that of most of my right-wing brothers. Also, regarding “sex and gender identity”, I know I am probably not using accurate vocabulary. I am just a baggy old bag who grew up when we shoved topics like this waaaaaay under the rug and didn’t EVER talk about them.

Five months to go until us “socialists” have an idea about how the next four years will go. I wonder how long poor old Mr. Bare Bear here has been forced to associate himself with the Orange Baboon, who is no friend to the bare’s bear’s habitat. Likely that sign has been there since 2016. I knew those of us who are not INSANE were in trouble fall of 2016 when we took a little ride out into the county and saw big Trump signs everywhere. I have not seen more than a few ratty ones from 2016 yet this year but it’s early. I’ll have to be on the lookout for them.

P.S. Sex talk? I was 15. I had my first boyfriend. I was in “luv” with him and my parents knew it even though I didn’t discuss it with them. They were worried about me. (Pssst. He was from the “wrong side of the tracks”🐽) I was sitting in our shabby little Superior Street bungalow doing my geometry homework in front of Lost in Space re-runs and The Commander startled me out of my mind by entering the room with the question, “KW, do you know what sexual intercourse is?” The pencil I had in my hand flew across the room. Er, yes I did know what it was, and no, I wasn’t engaging in it. But I answered with a simple “yes”. TMI🐽🐽🐽

2 Responses to “Trump fatigue”

  1. Isa Says:

    What a MacMullan blindside!

  2. Margaret Says:

    I was shocked and pleased by the two decisions, although the Supremes are definitely tilted toward the conservative side now. Ugh. There are still Trumpies around me, but I feel that there aren’t as many as there were in 2016.