To mask or not to mask…

It isn’t a question for me. I AM MASKING. At least I would be if I ever went anywhere public. Walking at 0-skunk-30 it is really easy to keep faaaarrrrr away from other people. I do mask when my Rodent Delivery Service does a drop and I mask when I do a curbside pickup and I have masked for a few VERY small socially distanced gatherings in the landfill backyard.

We are “opening up” and the Great Lake State (for NOW) seems to be doing well at keeping things under control. I credit #BigGretch for that but also all of our citizens who have been following “the rules” and the businesses who have pivoted to keep serving their customers in inventive ways. Still, I am not going out to eat. I did a little exploratory drive-by downtown last weekend and there were way too many people oot and aboot for my comfort level and not as many masks as I would have liked to see despite the growing body of evidence that masks are an effective tool in stopping the spread. And again, how do you eat or drink through a mask? You don’t. You have to take it off.

The big grokkery stores have opened up their bottle return musheens again. I will not be returning bottles any time soon. Meijer sent out an email today saying there were long lines at the bottle return. I had anticipated this and I don’t even wait in line to return bottles when there isn’t a randomly deadly virus hanging about. We don’t have all that many returnables anyway and I know there are orgs out there I could donate them to but so far I’ve been too lazy to make contact.

And then there is the weird WTF stuff. I have been adamant about not using public restrooms since the beginning of COVID. If I can’t use Eco Terlet, give me a bucket or a deserted two-track road. BucketP and RoadP are fine with me. An article I read recently said 1) COVID can be shed via fecal material and 2) when you flush a terlet, minute particles of whatever go EVERYWHERE. I encountered the second factoid many years ago when a beach urchin read an article in the newspaper and thereafter made sure to close the lid on the Blue and Only Terlet before flushing *every* time. I admit that I kinda rolled my eyes at the time🐽

The thing the article (the one *I* read, not the old way-pre-COVID one) was fuzzy on was whether COVID spread in that manner could actually infect someone or was it just “dead” virus (not sure what the correct term is there and don’t feel like looking it up). Another one of the many things we don’t yet understand about the virus.

At any rate, it was one of those articles I kinda wish I hadn’t read but it did make me think I am right not to use public restrooms. Not that I have used anything but Eco Terlet, the moomincabin terlet, or the Great Outdoors in months.

2 Responses to “To mask or not to mask…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m where you are, nearly exactly, although I do go (masked) to the grocery store every couple of weeks for about 30 minutes. It’s hard to evaluate the risks, and there is still so much we don’t know about C19. What I DO know is that masks are our best protection and could bring the virus to its knees. Unfortunately, there are way too many anti-maskers, who are often anti-vaxxers, who are mostly Trumpers. Bah!!

  2. Isa Says:

    Who… meeeeeeeeee??! Still grossed out by toilet flushes, particularly the very aggressive flushes on some public toilets.