Disorganized navel gazing

Wednesday morning is Virtual Barry Bagels with MMCB. We began, as we usually do these days, with COVID talk which eventually segued (thankfully) into “how are your kids?” She has one, I have two, they are similar ages and know each other from middle and/or high school although they were never close friends. Oh, I don’t mean they disliked each other. Liz was three grades ahead and Mouse (same grade) ran with a different crowd. (If she reads this, she will probably hate that I said that, especially the use of the phrase “ran with” and the word “crowd”🐽 So that’s as far as I’ll go.)

Just about the time COVID started to hit the fan, MMCB’s son got a new job and moved to a different state. He works in college-level athletics in a hands-on capacity and just as he moved, his new school shut down/went virtual. So far he is still employed but I’m sure there’s a bit of worry there. But he’s much closer to The Planet now and his mom is happy about that and knowing what I do about him, I suspect whatever happens, he will land on his feet.

The truth is I don’t usually have a whole heckuva lot to say about my kids. They are both 30-somethings, good citizens with responsible jobs. They don’t ever ask me for money and I don’t get calls to bail them out of jail, etc. Actually I have to practically shove money down their throats. What is there to say?

We veered off into the topic of parents who are constantly interfering with their adult children’s business. I don’t THINK I do that. I had to mention that I don’t really know much about my kids’ jobs, even though I have probably asked them both about a gazillion times. One of them works at an art museum and the other is a grocery worker who happens to work at my long-time fave store. Before COVID, I would frequently visit her there as I made my rounds. What their titles are and how much they get paid and what they actually do? I don’t really know. I enjoy hearing them talk about stuff that happens at work but I don’t feel an urge to get overly involved. I think that’s a GOOD THING.

Speaking of Barry Bagels, I wonder if they do curbside. I kind of have a hankering for a tuna bagel… I mean we usually just drink coffee there but tuna salad on a tomato basil bagel with lettuce and tomato sounds good right now. I guess I am finally getting some version of my regular pre-COVID appetite back – not that I haven’t binged on potato chips a few times 🐽

P.S. This is already too long but someday I’ll have to [re]tell the story about The Commander and Radical Betty commiserating about their [then] “wild” children aka me and my cousins. They drank a bunch of whine, walked the moominbeach, and The Commander fell in the lake and COULDN’T GET UP! Much laughter from everyone including The Commander.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I don’t think I interfere although I mostly have an opinion, and will definitely offer it up if they ask. Many times they don’t. 😉 I love bagels, and have really gotten into them during this covid crisis. My breakfast bagel sandwiches have become legendary. Well, John likes them at least.