Time to clean out

The freezer, that is. Yes, I have a side-by-side. A refrigerator is a refrigerator aka it is what it is. What was I looking for yesterday? Whitefish fillets. Waaaaaay back in the beginning of you-know-what, I ordered a couple pounds of whitefish fillets (and a ton of other fish). A while back I thawed the whitefish just enough so I could separate the fillets and put half back in the freezer. They were in a ziplock bag.

Yesterday I wanted to cook the other half. I could not find the bag for the life of me. Everything is stuffed in there higgledy-piggledy and if I’m not careful, things fall out. On my head, if I’m down there rummaging through the bottom bin. (Bad light for a pic. Click and click again to embiggen and then maybe you can understand the scope of the mess.) I had to pull everything off every shelf before I finally found the fish.

This is the result of pandemic shopping. In normal times, I tryyyyy not to keep extra food around. It’s easy enough to get food. Just throw on a backpack and schlep over to the Plum Market. Or hop in the Ninja and head over to the Westgate Kroger or the Jackson or Saline Road Meijer. Quick trips all!

Back in March, shopping was impossible and for a short period we were totally reliant on Rodent Delivery. I tried to use shopping services at the big stores but pickup / delivery times were totally unavailable or a week in the future. Gradually I re-thought how to shop.

The small specialty stores were the first to offer curbside. After a couple months my fave Plum began curbside / delivery. Things I couldn’t get at any of those places I ordered from Amazon and some other “interesting” places. I still used Rodent Delivery but gradually became less reliant on her. Today I got an email from Meijer promoting their new liqwire pickup / delivery service. That’s one of the things I get from there if Rodent Delivery is going there but I thought, “yeah, but when can I pick it up?” Turns out if I had wanted it today, I could’ve picked it up this afternoon.

At any rate, in the beginning I filled my freezer and then I felt like I was rationing food even though we really haven’t had any trouble getting, you know, more food. It’s time to start eating it up and only replacing it when there’s some empty space in there (or we crave something particular).

I think I will try Meijer’s pickup service (they also deliver but the Ninja needs to be droven once in a while). According to their website, even the Sault Ste. Siberia location offers curbside. That’ll come in handy if we are up isolating at the moomincabin and need to make a liqwire or TP or potato chip run. Not sure about TP though. How is that supply chain holding up these days?

If Meijer works out I will use it but I will still order from all of the other little stores who came through for us early on. I shop at those ANYWAY. I can only get pre-breaded swordfish scallopini from Monahan’s, the GG will only grill Sparrow’s whole chickens, and I just plain love the Plum Market. I’ll never forget the time The Comm spent xmas here near the end of her life and she was so amazed at that place that she would STOP in the middle of the aisles, blocking traffic and waving her cane cudgel around in the air, pointing at things. Yeah, yikes is right! 🐽

P.S. We’re not out of the virus woods yet. Stay home, stay home, stay home and wash your hands. This “opening up” stuff is total crapola. Google “texas surprise party covid” if you are thinking about having a family party or maybe you’ve already seen an article about it.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I go rarely to the store, but haven’t had as much luck with pick up as you. When I arrive to get it, too much of my order is missing. (unavailable) We are definitely not out of the woods yet. My county is on the verge of losing its Phase 2 designation. People are increasingly relaxing and taking too many chances. I thought that party was in California and affected a whole bunch of family members. (maybe a different case?) They were just SO shocked that now so many relatives are sick, the oldest couple at the party gravely ill in the hospital. I am appalled. Aren’t people paying attention? Or they just don’t think it can happen to them? End of my rant.