Mickey Mouse for president!

Doesn’t the GG look a little like Mickey with those big ear thingies on?

The last time we drove to Crazy Old Florida for FUN was the April after the last presidential election and if you know me at all, you know I am not crazy about the Orange Baboon (to put it mildly). We met up for dinner with The Beautiful Susie and Mr. Ed. It was always interesting to try to take them out to dinner because they don’t really go out to eat. So we were at the Ringling Art (not circus) Museum on Sarasota’s FSU campus and I asked them where we could go out to eat. Uh, I dunno. We could eat at that Italian restaurant we ate at when we first met 20 years ago. Okay let’s do it! It was a great restaurant and I’m sure there were viruses lurking there but nothing that threatened any of us.

It was there that our SWEET Mr. Ed inadvertently brought up polly-ticks and IMMEDIATELY tried to back off. He is a Bernie Bro’ and although I am not, my suggestion that Mickey Mouse would make a better prez than Trump got a laugh and seemed to forestall any potential arguments. The GG, for his part, kept his trap shut and didn’t mention “socialists”, whatever they are.

Our beautiful Susie died that fall, just after Hurricane Irma. It was somewhat sudden. She was having various health issues at the time we were down there and I don’t know if they were related or not. She was the first cFam sib I met and although I love all my in-laws, Suze and I hit it off bigtime, although she was a wee bit skeptical about sharing her big bro’ at first. More on that some other time 🐸

The GG did his work today oh boy oh boy. We have four trash-type carts. One for garbage, one for recycle, and two for compost. He cleaned ALL of them out today plus at least one vee-hickle and the driveway and I dunno what else. This one is one of the compost carts. They were all dirty but the GARBAGE cart stunk to high heaven! I won’t try to describe why but it involved little plastic bags (think newspaper delivery bags) collecting at the bottom and mingling with other bits of debris over a few months until a mass of bacteria was growing down in there. I knew it needed to be cleaned out but was procrastinating. I can only guess that what was in there would have set off my gag reflex big time.

P. S. Contrast our Suzie/Ed restaurant experience with the one we had later that week with FlaMan. We were on our way to pick him up and the GG was bugging me to look up restaurants, like “he won’t know where to go”. Oh, no. I knew better. And I was right. Hey FlaMan, what restaurant do you want to go to? Cody’s Roadhouse! was the immediate answer. We ate at the bar and the bartender topped off my second glass of whine with the rest of the bottle having observed us for the duration. (I love FlaMan as much as I loved The Beautiful Susie but for different reasons and she was easier to spend time with.)

One Response to “Mickey Mouse for president!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Great memories of pre-covid eating out. It seems like such a long time ago. For me it was in mid-March when I was in New York. We ate out at many, many places. Hard to fathom now. Bernie Bros are tough for me. Trumpers are even harder to deal with though.