Oddly, I am not all that fatigued by the protracted period of isolation. There are times I feel frustrated that I have to plan ahead for food/supplies but overall that hasn’t been a problem. I miss being able to take off at the drop of a hat and grab my own grocks but it’s also been fun to learn to navigate pick-up and delivery at various places plus the online ordering I was already doing for some things anyway. Again, The Planet Ann Arbor is a food cornucopia and the folks I’m dealing with for pickup/delivery are REALLY GOOD!

I MISS my beach urchins! I get to see one of them via Rodent Delivery but I haven’t seen the other one since February 15th. It was a Saturday and the GG was outta town and she came over and we walked downtown for lunch at the Griz, then hit up Literati books, THEN hired a *Lyft* to take us to the Plum. That was my first Lyft and also my last, although I doubt it’ll be my last ever. But those are all things I can’t imagine doing now. Mingling with… People I’m not isolating with?

I woke up feeling discouraged this morning. Watching COVID numbers sky-rocket in states where elected officials didn’t take the virus seriously, kow-tow-ing to the Orange Baboon instead. Watching COVID numbers creep up in states (like mine) where elected officials DID take the virus seriously but were pummeled from both sides of the situation for making excruciating decisions and started to “open up”. Watching the continuing Trump/Pence Dog and Pony Show.

I became ANNOYED as I read news stories about how a popular bar in East Lansing became a COVID super-spreader. You can google the bar’s name but I will tell you that I believe it was called Dooley’s (or sometimes Drooley’s 🐽) when I was a student at Moo-U. (And yes I went to that bar then.)

So, bars opened up. STUDENTS lined up at this place. Social distancing was not practiced. A lot of these students (ah-hah) were from the Grosse Pointe suburbs of Detroit. Rich kids. They had a big party AFTER the bar. Guess where the virus numbers are now spiking? Grosse Pointe suburbs. The bar struggled to enforce The Rules. Who was responsible for enforcing distancing rules at the after-party? And it isn’t limited to kids who were at the bar/party. Because then. Some of those kids had a bonfire a few days later and OTHER KIDS from the Grosse Pointe ‘burbs went to the bonfire and now THEY HAVE IT and have taken it home to THEIR FAMILIES! Kee-reist. A bonfire kid’s moom was quoted as saying, “Maybe she shouldn’t have gone to the bonfire?” Duh. A lot of college students are not inherently responsible. I know. I was one once.

BARS should be closed everywhere, indefinitely. They should be able to sell food and drink for curbside and delivery and MAYBE outside seating although that’s not gonna work very well when Old Man Winter returns to the Great White North. And I know that you can’t legally tell an 18-year-old child what to do but I think families CAN have discussions about what is or isn’t appropriate behavior in a house the PARENTS OWN during a pandemic. My children are lots older and on their own but THEY are worried about US! And knowing them, they would have been just as considerate if this had happened in the days they *were* college students 🧡

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I too am tired and discouraged. We now have rising cases and a mask mandate, and many if not most conservatives (all the Trumpians) are losing their sh*t over it. What is the alternative? Let a whole bunch of people get sick, overload the hospitals and cause innocent people to die? I do not understand or respect so many these days, and find myself constantly surprised (in a bad way) about how ignorant some of my friends and acquaintances are. I miss my kids too, although they are far away, so it’s different.