Chores: laundry (including masks) and mop chitchen floor plus all the stuff I do pretty much every day. If you are at my house (someday when “this” is over) and you put down a water glass that you intend to use again, it will probably not be there by the time you’re ready to use it.

Grock lists: Argus, Plum, and Meijer. (Delivery, pickup, and Rodent Delivery)

Packing lists: food (frozen, perishable, and shelf-stable), supplies, clothing that I might forget if I don’t put it on a list, a few books, dry bag. I refrained from actual packing today but put a few things (masks) in places where I will TRIP OVER THEM! That means I can’t fergit them, roight?

Randomness: figgered out how the heck to put gasoline in Mooon Yooonit. Yes, we have owned that vee-hickle for almost a year and I have NOT ONCE filled up the tank. I will have to do that in a few days. And BTW my gas-filling status means that I hardly ever drive Mooon Yooonit. It’s still basically a brand new vee-hickle to me even though we’ve had it for a year and it is all junked up with North Country Trail crapola and probably chain saws and thangs. And about a bazillion old water bottles. I will have to add a P-bucket to it because I am not gonna use public restrooms because droplets and Terlet Plumes. Although we don’t know yet whether Terlet Plumes spread COVID and I’m probably pretty well immune to anything else they might spread.

Oh and cash please? I have had the same five one-dollar bills in my purse since March 12 or whenever it was. I have not used cash for anything since then, except for tips to Argus delivery folks. I have a special envelope of five-dollar bills for them. I was SOOOO SCARED to go to the drive-through bank the day I got those. Seems like “science” is now saying that we are no longer terrified about catching COVID from money or cardboard boxes or surfaces in general although it is a possibility. We are still advised to WASH OUR HANDS after touching anything potentially contaminated and I DO!

One Response to “Prepping”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I have most of my masks packed and sitting next to my backpack, so I’d better not forget them. Otherwise, I won’t be flying anywhere. I loved cash in the pre-Covid days and now I’m not so fond of it. It’s always been dirty, and I’m still suspicious of it.