‘hicken the garden sentinel

It was the end of a not-terribly productive day at TeleCubelandia, I think a function of needing a bit of vacay. I shut down my laptop and started scrolling Twitter on my phone…

And almost fell out of my seat. Say what? Mitch McConnell is exhorting people to wear masks? Huh? I don’t follow Mitch and am not a fan, although that’s not why I don’t follow him. After all, I DOOOO follow the Bad Orange Man. Another person I follow is KellyAnne’s husband, a Lincoln Project founder and fellow disparager of the Orange Baboon. It was he who retweeted McConnell. Almost can’t believe I’m saying this but GO Mitch!

A few tweets down, the New Jersey governor tweeted that restaurants would NOT be opening as planned. This is good news and more governors should follow. I know I am probably harping on this way too much for some of my six readers but I never did think opening restaurants to indoor seating was a good idea. If EPIDEMIOLOGISTS are still struggling to understand COVID’s rules and how to avoid becoming infected, why do we think RESTAURANT OWNERS know what to do?

Oh well. It was hot enough here today that I moved my TeleCube into the back yard as soon as there was enough shade to sit back here and I am currently spending cocktail hour watching the second batch of robins, who are about to fledge, and a few other garden birds and aminals. Baby robins are flapping their wings like crazy.

‘hicken doesn’t really have much of a garden to protect this year. My three pots of impatiens (the only plants I don’t [usually] kill) and an overgrown raised bed of chives and things. I am NOT a good gardener. I will NEVER BE a good gardener. I’m not sure I even ENJOY gardening. But I would like a nice-looking yard and I wish I could hire somebody like Lotus Farms or whoever to do some gardening/landscaping here. Alas, that’s another topic on which we are a house divided 🐽

P. S. Did I spell epidemiologists correctly? Somehow it looks weird to me. Maybe because it’s in CAPS?

P. P. S. ROBIN FLEDGLING! Just now and right next to me. Pic tomorrow.

3 Responses to “‘hicken the garden sentinel”

  1. jane Says:

    Before you get all ‘go Mitch!’, keep in mind all the other bad things he does. and very bad things. So yes, saying to wear a mask is good. But a) we’re 3+ months in, so not exactly a ‘leader’, and b) all his other actions are so awful.

    Ok, I’ll stop now. love you! enjoy the north country

  2. Tonya G Watkins Says:

    What Jane said. (Times a million).

  3. Margaret Says:

    I don’t support Mitch in any way either(as I know you don’t) but appreciate that more people, even the idiots, are realizing that masks might help. It does scare me that the GOP Trumpian governors are now shutting back down again; the fact that they would do so tells me that we’re in a world of sh*t. Although my governor is smart and science based in his decisions, he’s STILL getting a lot of pushback. 🙁 Enjoy your vacay!!